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The Facts About Dekton Worktop


Kitchen worktops take a lot of abuse upon daily use. Spills happen every now and then, tough stains can follow through. Food colourings are one of the most stubborn stains to wash away, and not everybody in your family actually utilizes a cutting board or trivet when chopping up ingredients– ask your teens about this and you’ll know.

That is why Dekton sound so fascinating to numerous home owners. This new worktop material is produced as an ultra-compact and ultra-resistant surface. A lot of people have already tested Dekton and found it to be excellent in almost all of their complicated and stressful tests!


Since it is made out of a combination of porcelain, quartz, and glass; some would describe it as a hybrid of the top materials available in the market for surfacing. It’s ultimately a new and promising product category. There are some products that are quite similar from an aesthetic sense, of course, but nothing beats it when it comes to composition. The look and feel of this material is entirely unique.

The Dekton website states that their product undergoes a high-technology process that produces surfaces of different thinness and size that was previously unattainable, all while ensuring extreme levels of excellent performance.


In simplified consumer talk, that means that abrasion, stains, scratches, ultraviolet rays, heat, cold and thawing are apparently no match for Dekton worktop. It’s also affordable so most home owners can purchase these once they make up their mind. Just remember that they must be professionally installed.

Moreover, Dekton comes with a 25-year long warranty, which does not cover any chipping or cracks due to impact from immensely heavy objects you’ve exposed them to.

With absolute zero water absorption and high resistance to heat, fire, scratching and impact; the Dekton worktop is perfect for any kitchen settings.

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