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The Marble Store partners with StoneKast! Supplying Luxury Baths & Sinks!

Through customer demand, The Marble Store has now become suppliers of luxury baths and sinks. We wanted to offer our customers something unique and tasteful, so therefore partnered up with StoneKast who are based in Switzerland.

StoneKAST’s luxury and stylish baths epitomise the peace and serenity that is the foundation of Swiss culture. Their high-quality sleek design and luxury materials provide a unique and magnificent centrepiece for your personal bathing sanctuary, in which to rediscover your inner self.

A global brand based in Switzerland, famous for its natural beauty and purity, StoneKAST carefully manufactures each bath to the highest Swiss standards from an advanced blend of natural limestone and modern resin. These superb raw materials create an enhanced therapeutic bathing experience and ease the ever-increasing stress of modern life.

Famous for their enduring designs, each one of the eight fantastic models emulates the beauty of the Swiss landscape and offers a lavish alternative to ordinary bathing whilst withstanding the rigours of everyday use. With a matt finish to add visual appeal, the surface of these stylish baths is non-porous, hygienic and endowed with great insulation properties to provide a truly indulgent bathing experience.


1.Grading Raw Materials:
The raw material used in the construction of a StoneKAST bath is Limestone, the first process is to remove any unwanted impurities from the Limestone. Using a fine mesh and extremely powerful magnets, the impurities are removed, leaving behind the very highest grade of Limestone ready for use.

The limestone is then blended with a high-grade resin compound. The mixture is then subjected to a high vacuum environment which removes any unwanted air bubbles.

A catalyst is added to the mixture to begin the hardening process. The mixture is then poured into a closed mould and allowed to cure in a temperature controlled environment. The top half of the mould is then removed mechanically and the bath is now in what we call a “Green state” ready for post curing.

4.Post Curing
The bath in its “green State” is then hung by the rim and will pass through a tunnel oven for 3 hours which will then fully harden the mixture. The bottom half of the mould is still attached at this point to eliminate any twisting or warping in this process.

5.Waste and Overflow
The bath is removed from the mould and the waste and overflow can now be drilled using diamond tipped hole saws.

6.QA Procedures
The surface is then inspected for defects and the bath tested to ensure correct thickness throughout.

Following QA inspection and prior to packing each bath is cleaned and polished to an extremely high standard. After one final check, the bath is now ready to be securely packaged and shipped to its new owner.

For more information please contact The Marble Store.

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