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The Modern Choices For Kitchen Worktops


The days when we only had very limited amount of materials and design options when it comes to worktop surfaces is now over. Truth is, even the most basic and common laminate material has already undergone promising upgrades in order to make the material look more contemporary and sleek.

These days, a lot of surface materials have already been added to the market and they’re even more modern-looking than you can imagine!


By far, Glass and Quartz worktops are the most stunning material you can find in the market today. These materials allow home owners to add in various pigments, different colours, and even incorporate lighting underneath to fully enhance the ethereal effect of the surface.

Aside from their aesthetic value, they’re also quite easy to maintain as you don’t need to seal them every once in a while unlike the natural Granite worktops. These materials looks high-end and feels high-end. Definitely a gorgeous material to go for.


On the other hand, Silestone worktops are man-made or engineered product created with various pigments, resins, ground quartz, and polymers. It is currently gaining a lot of attention and is becoming more and more popular because of its hassle-free maintenance and lasting durability.

Dekton, however, is the combination of those materials plus an additional bonus of porcelain elements to maximize its features. It is five times more resistant to extreme temperatures, stubborn stains, spills, and ultraviolet rays than any other surface you can find in the market. It is the ultimate material to use not just for private homes but also in high-traffic and commercial areas.


The look and feel of Dekton worktop is super sleek with a very modern aesthetic. It also comes in an extensive array of styles and colours, making it ideal for any kitchen setting.

While Dekton worktops are not particularly cheap when it comes to price range, a lot of home owners have already proven and tested that it is indeed well worth their extra investment.

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