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Time for a new kitchen worktop?

As the nation spends unprecedented amounts of time at home thanks to the Coronavirus, home baking and culinary experiments have become a top source of entertainment. Kitchens have been under the spotlight like never before – question is, how is yours fairing?

Kitchens are often the heart of a home, that is nothing new, but we’ve never spent this much time in them. Aside from needing to socially distance yourself from your fridge (we know that feeling!), perhaps being in lockdown has made you reassess your kitchen space – and what you previously thought worked, just doesn’t anymore.

You’re not on your own. For many people, being stuck at home has made them view their kitchen in an entirely different way. But the good news is, transforming the look and feel really can be as simple as a new worktop.


Solve your lockdown loathes


  • Sticky fingers

With the kids at home, not only will you be endlessly dispensing snacks, you’re probably also about to go insane if you have to wipe one more sticky fingermark from your work surface – making you realise that a low maintenance worktop that’s quick and easy to keep looking great, is essential.

Polished surfaces tend to be the biggest culprits for showing up greasy marks and, to really look its best, a natural stone worktop like granite requires buffing with a soft fine fibre cloth as just wiping over with the dishcloth will dull its shine. If you want to be able to simply wipe and walk away, quartz worktops and light shades are your best option.


  • Lack of space

With everyone at home together, jostling for space, could your surface be offering you more room or a more efficient layout? Our team, here at the Marble Store, is nationally recognised for delivering a tailored approach for each and every client. Whatever the size and shape of kitchen, we are skilled at tight, virtually invisible joints. Our skilled stonemasons make light work of awkward cuts, helping to keep your options open and offering flexibility in design so you can maximise your space.


  • Light

Feeling a bit gloomy? Perhaps, before COVID-19 hit, you were rarely at home in the mornings and hadn’t realised just how little natural light there was in the kitchen that time of day. Sound familiar?

Easy ways to brighten things up include switching to a white or light coloured worktop, which will not only lift the room but add to the illusion of space. High gloss worktops also have light reflecting qualities, bouncing light from their surface, and helping to make the most of both natural and electric light.


  • Wear and tear

Many of us have been getting more creative in the kitchen during lockdown – and possibly drinking a little more – have red wine or culinary adventures wreaked havoc on your surfaces?

If you’re looking for a tough, hard wearing worktop that won’t stain quartz is ideal, thanks to its non-porous properties. Granite and marble are both great heat resistant surfaces, helping to avoid damage from hot pots and pans.


So, if you’re feeling uninspired by your kitchen and ready to breathe a new lease of life into your home why not consider a new worktop from The Marble Store? Whatever it is that you want to change, we can help – get in touch today for expert advice on choosing the right worktop for you. We are still operating, but due to high demand, our usual exceptionally fast turnaround of 7-10 days from templating to fitting, may take a little longer. But you could still be enjoying your revamped kitchen in next to no time. Call us now on 0800 652 2013, fill in our enquiry form or email [email protected].

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