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Tips for keeping cool in the kitchen this summer

Can’t stand the heat…?

Then we all know what the advice recommends. But whilst ‘getting out’ of the kitchen might work occasionally, boycotting this favourite space all summer long is unlikely to be practical for most of us.

So what can you do?

Here we share some of our favourite tips on keeping cool in the kitchen this summer.


#1 Avoid the oven

Without question, the biggest culprit for upping the temperature in the kitchen is the oven. So our best advice is simply to avoid it.

Instead, make use of other appliances – the microwave, hob, slow cooker, toaster – all of which can produce tasty food without generating the same heat levels.


#2 Think ahead

Weatherman promised a glorious day? Prepare for it. Open windows early on, pull down the kitchen blind, and keep lights switched off to prevent temperatures from building up throughout the day.


#3 Invest in a fan

There’s nothing worse than trying to cook in a hot stuffy kitchen. Airflow can really help to alleviate oppressive heat, so keep the air moving with an electric fan.

Opt for a small portable model so you can move it around and ensure you always get maximum benefit from the breeze. Don’t forget to flick on the extractor fan, too – great for removing steam and releasing trapped heat.


#4 Drink plenty of water

OK, so technically a chilled glass of wine may help you to keep cool in the kitchen, but it won’t keep you hydrated.

Stick to water – and plenty of it – for maximum refreshment.


#5 Plan meals  

Let’s just have a quick reality check – this is the UK summer we’re talking about. So, though we may be lucky enough to have a few scorchers…you can guarantee a cooler day is never too far away.

The trick, then, is to maximise on these ‘off’ days. Take advantage of the colder temperatures to batch cook so you’re primed and ready for when the weather warms back up again.


#6 It’s all about timing   

Not much of a planner? If batch cooking in advance isn’t for you, instead pick your time of the day and prepare meals in the morning before the heat has chance to build up and become uncomfortable.

Another trick is to keep your fridge stocked up with fresh seasonal food. Thankfully, summer is salad season, and if you’ve plenty of ingredients to go at you can throw together a tasty meal without breaking into a sweat.


#7 BBQ

Who doesn’t love cooking outside when the weather is glorious? So take the heat out of the kitchen and fire up the barbie.

While there’s no denying it can still be hot work cooking over a BBQ, at least you’re keeping the heat outside and your kitchen will stay cool.


#8 Go au naturel

Jamie Oliver’s got nothing on you – so become your very own naked chef and lose the clothes!

Not for the faint-hearted (and definitely not one for when you’re expecting guests!), but in the comfort of your own home, why not throw caution to the wind and bare all?

Too risqué? Try wearing beachwear – a bikini, swim shorts, or an oversized tee – anything that allows the air to flow, keeps your body temperature down, and stops you getting all hot and bothered.


#9 Adapt your kitchen

We all know dark colours absorb more heat, so it’s no surprise that the same is true when it comes to worktops – with lighter surfaces both looking and feeling cooler.

Bakers’ favourites marble and granite worktops are particularly good at staying cool to the touch, but quartz can also help to keep the temperature down.


Get help from the experts

OK, so we can’t offer to come and cook for you every day, but here at the Marble Store, we can give you a hand picking out a worktop that will not only look great but will keep your kitchen looking and feeling cool all summer long.

With a great section of worksurfaces to choose from, a personalised quote returned to you within 4 hours, and a guaranteed fast turnaround from templating to fitting, the only thing that’s hot is the quality of our service and our fantastic prices.

Why not get in touch with the team today to find out more about what we can do for you?


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