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Top low-maintenance worktops for your next kitchen remodel

Granite is great. There’s no denying that!

However, picking out the right worktop material for your kitchen is not only based on design or aesthetics, but the practicalities of the material should also be considered to make sure your chosen material will be a worthwhile investment.

Not every worktop is suitable for all household kitchens types. So it comes as no surprise if some worktops entail more maintenance than others. A good example is quartz worktops, which is considered almost maintenance-free.

To help you make an informed decision, here’s a rundown of the top low-maintenance worktop surfaces that you might want to consider for your next kitchen remodel.

quartz worktops low-maintenance soapstone


To clear the air—No! This isn’t made of soap.

It’s actually a soft rock that mostly consists of talc. This natural stone comes in hues ranging from charcoal to soft grey. This material has been the top choice of many homeowners for years because of its durability.

Also, it’s one of a few natural stones that isn’t affected by acids and is heat resistant. Spilling coffee or orange juice is not an issue, since it won’t stain.

You don’t need special cleaners to clean soapstone. Simply wipe down with water and mild soap, although you can use mineral oils to enhance its natural beauty.

Yes, there’s a flipside to this. Over time, soapstone can chip or scratch and could also develop a darker patina. You can either regularly sand soapstone to keep it looking new or leave it as is for added character.

Engineered stone

Although quartz worktops are composed of quarried slabs of natural quartz crystals, engineered quartz is a manufactured surface mixed with about 95% ground natural quartz and 5% polymer resins and binders. This results in a low-maintenance, super hard, natural-looking worktop.

Because it is man-made, you have a wide range of colour and pattern choices. It is non-porous and highly resistant to stain, heat and scratches. Additionally, because it is non-porous, it doesn’t inhibit the growth of unwanted bacteria, moulds and mildew, making it completely hygienic and safe for the family.

This composite material is a blend of practicality and beauty. All you need is a simple wipe down with mild detergent and water and a non-abrasive cloth. You’re good to go!

quartz worktops low-maintenance engineered stone


Ecotop is basically a paper and bamboo composite. This patented material is stain-proof and scratch-proof. Not only is it durable, but also it will not discolour over time.

Plus, cleaning is a breeze. Much like previously mentioned worktop materials, EcoTop only needs a soapy sponge and water to rinse it. Voila!

There’s a minor catch, however. The sacrificial layer, which makes EcoTop’s surface durable, needs to be maintained. The manufacturer recommends resealing and buffing the layer every 3 months to 3 years, but depending on wear and use.

Recycled glass

If you’re into green building materials, then recycled glass is your answer. This material is becoming increasingly popular because they’re easy to clean and stain resistant because of its non-porous nature.

In terms of aesthetics, they’re very versatile and very high-end looking. Cleaning-wise, you can simply use a non-abrasive sponge and some mild detergent to remove food residue. And you’re done!


No, this isn’t the laminate from way back when. Today’s modern laminates have gorgeous finishes, with some even resembling the look of natural stones. High-end ones are even stain-proof.

The best part—they’re really easy to clean much like the previously mentioned worktop materials.

quartz worktops low-maintenance laminate

Forget granite

If you’re that determined to find and install the lowest-maintenance worktop for your home kitchen, then you can’t go wrong with these top choices, from glass to EcoTop to quartz worktops. Regardless of the final decision, you should choose a surface material that comfortably fits your needs and your kitchen design.

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