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Top Reasons Why You Need To Switch To Granite Worktops

Granite worktops have been extremely popularity for the past years now, and still in great demand for its high quality look with comparatively little maintenance. This worktop material is visually pleasing and highly long-lasting. Of course, just like with any other surface materials, Granite is an investment and you’ll want to be sure that it’s the right choice for your home by doing a lot of research.

Also, because every piece of granite stones are quite unique, it would be wise to visit a stone supplier of your choice and pick out your very own slab. Here are some of the top reasons why you should switch to high-quality Granite worktops:


Durability and substance
Granite is highly durable, but not entirely unbreakable. Unless you smash it with heavyweight objects or treat it very roughly, granite stones will likely last longer than you will. With proper maintenance and care, granite worktops will not dent, chip, or crack.

Pleasing to the eyes
The radiance and substance of quality granite is truly incomparable; it gives your entire home a sleek vibe and feel into it. Simply put, it will look great in any kitchen or bathroom setting, may it be modern or traditional. Moreover, though this particular type of worktop has been available in the market for a number of years, it’s definitely not something that will easily go out of style.

waterfall granite worktop

The non-porous surface
After your granite worktops have been properly sealed off, it then transforms into a highly non-porous material which means it becomes resistant to most germs and bacteria, making it a sanitary surface to use. Because it won’t serve as a breeding ground for harmful micro-organisms, it’s safe to use even in the bathroom setting. It also resists liquids that are known to leave stubborn stains.

Wide variety of rich colours
Granite worktops can be obtained in a wide array of patterns, colours, and striations. The different source locations and mineral contents impart outstanding variations in the stone’s overall look.

black granite worktop

Stress-free maintenance
High quality granite worktops don’t need a lot of maintenance routines, particularly with regard to keeping it clean. Though periodic sealing is highly required, especially for light coloured granite design.

A valuable addition
Among all the home modifications you can make to upgrade the look and feel of your property, changing up your worktop into granite is one addition that can greatly boost your home resale value. Any kitchen revamp will likely increase its value, but granite is a certain plus at sale time.

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