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Top Three Misconceptions about Granite Counters


Let’s clear up some of the most common myths and misconceptions about Granite counters. Most often than not, these mistaken beliefs are being spread by some people trying to sell Granite worktops, and/or any other materials by criticizing this material.

Here are the top three misapprehensions about the Granite worktops:

Myth#1: “Granite is extremely heat resistant, so it’s fine if I place hot pots and pans on top of the worktops.”

It is true that high-quality Granite worktops are really resistant to various temperature levels typically encountered in kitchens, but extreme heat can discolour or eventually damage some brands of granite sealer. Interior stresses can also be produced by rapid heating that may cause cracking at some weak spots, such as a natural fissure or flaw in the stone. The surest way to eradicate these potential risks is to use a stand with feet.

Myth #2: “Granite counters produce radon and can therefore cause different types of cancer.”

This is definitely untrue. Granite counters are not dangerous and radioactive, as such, they are perfectly safe to use inside a home. Most of the information found on the internet about granite relating to radon is biased, and has been put out there by companies that profit from marketing other surface materials.

Myth #3: “Granite counters will never stain, crack nor chip.”

High-quality granite counters are outstandingly resistant to such damage, but any natural stone might eventually chip if a heavy and hard object clashes against an outside corner. Some cracks can also be a result of mistakes during installation or fabrication or, as already pointed out, from natural faults in the stone. Some stones, supposedly sold as granite, absorb cooking oils which can cause dark areas. The simple way to eliminate these stains is to use a poultice.

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