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Using Natural Stone Is A Good Choice For Your Home

Natural Stone

It is just natural for most homeowners to use natural stone for their homes since they are naturally beautiful and can easily complement a house’s structure. However, there are different types of stones that you can also choose from. Knowing the types of finishes and applications will allow you to easily make a decision that will best suit your project.

Know the Different Finishes

Before choosing what stone to use, you also have to know the different finishes that are available for your project.

Polished – provides a high gloss surface when it is done.
Honed – provides a smooth with squared edges but without the polished surfaced.
Tumbled – is lightly tumbled to have that rounded edges. Its surface is not smooth like honed.
Antique Tumbled – has medium tumble edges and surface to create that rustic feel.
Cobbled or Distressed – has an aged or ancient look because of its heavily tumbled edges and surface.
Brushed – has a smooth textured surface as it is acid washed and wire brushed.

The Beauty of Natural Stones

For centuries, natural stones have been used by many European countries. They have been used for their floors and ceilings and from those days, these stones have been stained, cracked, pitted and so on, which is why most people love them more. These characteristics of stones make them more beautiful and unique. While others may find stains and cracks to be irritating and unnatural but all natural stone including Granite are not immune to dull spots.

But do remember that stones are not man made. In fact, it is impossible to find two tiles that are the same. While they may all be different, but the beauty of these tiles or slabs come from putting them together. When carefully place together these stones will become timeless. In fact, it will never get outdated. It will never run out of style and it will never run out. The more these stones are used, the faster the “Patina” will develop. The “Patina” will help in preventing and lessening the degree of staining.

Choosing the Best Natural Stone for Your Home

Kitchen with Natural Stones

It is always a matter of choice when choosing the right stone. If you feel that it is beautiful and you truly want it, then you are making the right decision. If you also feel that you can also live with your choice for years to come then it is your marble. If you are drawn from that choice at the beginning, then that is the right choice. In most cases, spending a lot of time choosing for the right stone may just confuse you more since there are a lot of stones and colors to choose from. You may not even be happy with your choice in the end if you become confused and unsettled.

Here are the different stones to review your choices:

Granites – Granites have a distinct “spattered” or “swirled” grain look and contain many colors. Granites also have a polished finished. However, these days, granites can also be found having a honed and flamed surfaces to keep up with the trends. They can also be used in almost any application and different slabs and dimensional tile form. These stones can be found in many different colors and sizes. Click here to know more.

This stone is also graded for quality standards and is not as expensive as most think. The price range per square foot as it will depend on the color, rarity and where the stone came from. Just a note when using polished granite is that it is slippery to walk in. Once the patina builds up that slippery feel will be gone.

Limestones – Most think that limestone is not suitable in all areas of the home. But, the truth is, that it is. Limestones contains softer earth tone, it also contains a “swirl” veining movement, it also contains fossils and speckled grain. The types and variety of these stones will also depend on where it came from.

Limestones can also be found in dimensional and slab form and are commonly used in higher end homes, architectural designs and commercial applications. Limestones are easier to work with compared to granites and can also be found in many finished and textures although it is still new in the market.

Slates – Although slates have mainly been used for roof tiles, chalkboards, billiard tables, science lab areas but it is also gaining popularity in residential areas. Its tiles are mostly rough in surface texture exempt for the tumbled version and are available in a variety of sizes in dimensional tiles. Slates are the perfect stones to use for water areas like patio/driveway areas, roofing applications, shower, spas, and pool surrounds. It also comes in a variety of colors while some may look like it got spilled by red wine. However, the color is because of the earth minerals such as iron. It is also fireproof as it holds onto heat well.

Slates have a softer property so its surface might shale off more easily. Although it will not harm the quality but it might cause you concern when this happens. One difficult factor when it comes to this stone is that it is thick and that it is difficult to cut evenly. Because of the thickness of each piece and specific sized installations, this stone may become a challenge for those installing it. So, expect the installer to charge a bit higher. Slates also cost per square foot, but this will still depend on the grade and country of where the slates come from.

When buying slates make sure to check the quality of the slate. Make sure that it has not been filled with dyes by running water through for a couple of minutes. You can also use vinegar by putting a few tablespoons on it and wiping it off.

Marble – Marble is one of the most popular stones around and has been used way back in Greek and Roman times. It has been used for centuries in homes for both interior and exterior. Although marble can scratch, stain and etch the feature of marbles makes it, even more, beautiful over time. It has a veining of a mineral throughout and can be quarried from all parts of the world.

The most popular type of marble is tumbled marble, which can be used for backsplash, flooring and shower areas. Marbles costs per square foot. But this will also depend on the rarity, color and where it came from.

Travertine – Travertine is also marble, however, it has a lot of holes. A lot of people think that travertine is not suitable for residential use because of its porous look. However, this stone creates a unique look during installation.

Comparing Stones to Ceramics

While some may say that ceramic tiles are easier to install than stones, on the whole, it is not. Although there are exceptions especially if the stone is thick or if the pattern is more complex. When it comes to the cost, it is mostly not as expensive as tiles. But again, tile contractors may charge you more especially when it comes to the patterns and the thickness gauge. The setting and installation can just be the same, but will just vary on weight since stone is heavier than ceramics.

Stone Design that can be used with Different Materials

The use of stones is not also limited to just using stones since you can easily incorporate it with porcelain, ceramics, glass, and even with other types of stones. The possibilities are endless.

Figuring the Quantity You will need

Knowing the number of tiles or stones you will need is figured by the square foot. Measure the square footage using a tape measure. When it comes to figuring out decorative tile or trim, this is mostly calculated by the lineal foot. If you are going to choose slabs, it is better if the fabricator will handle that for you.

Getting Help When Designing Your Stone Layout

When getting help on your layout, your tile installer will need a copy of your blueprints that includes the elevations tiled clearly marked, a drawing of the area, and the dimensions of the area. You will also have to specify the area and mark it on the blueprint. Your contractor will make sure to help you with the style, make suggestions of what stones to use, if you have not made a decision yet, then let The Marble Store help you. Call us now on 0208 216 2051 or contact us here.

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