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What Makes Dekton Worktops Excel


Mega-size Surface
As the size of each Dekton slabs are approximately 320cm x 144cm, it opens up the possibilities for large bathrooms countertops, kitchen worktops, facades, large floor tiles, cladding, and so much more.

Dekton is currently available in various formats which lessens the weight per square metre. Moreover, there are three different thickness to choose from, all of which depends on the application that is required. The thickness ranges from 0.8cm up to 3cm.


An Unlimited Design
Dekton’s composite and features enables it to be a prime candidate for a whole lot of applications. Due to the continuous decoration across the entire area of the slabs, it allow surfaces and spaces to be appropriately designed without any interruptions in the design itself.

Textures and colours continue to flow in all directions. Additionally, due to the size and thickness of each piece, designers are now able to create flawless pieces of worktops, cladding, breakfast bars, worktops, kitchen islands, and even shop and hotel flooring. There is no limitation on what, where, and how Dekton can be applied.

Ultra Deep
This material is designed in three dimensions, making sure that all decorative aspects of the surface are precisely consistent. Because the glamorous decorations continues all throughout the material, it is perfectly possible for architects to make complex designs out of it.


Unlimited Application
It is a relatively new surface material that can be utilized in all types of spaces, environments, as well as in interiors and externals alike. Dekton is a new platform where designers and architects can create their own brilliant ideas out of each slabs without compromising product quality.

From kitchen worktops, cladding, flooring, and up to artistic creations; Dekton has no known flaw and is extremely resistant to most natural and man-made elements, which makes it an ideal material for all types of commercial and private projects.

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