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What Makes Kitchen Worktops Different from Bathroom Worktops


Are there any variations to consider between kitchen worktop and bathroom worktop? Though the options concerning the material and installation are relatively the same, you may want to consider some aspects on how each worktops will be utilized.

Not like the kitchen where the worktop is generally kept dry at most times, the bathroom, however, is an entirely different environment. Instead of marks from silverware and cutlery or leftover food crumbs, the bathroom faces a more potentially high-risk threat.

These threats such as water damage, which can come in a lot of ways can easily destroy the laminate worktops that are most commonly found in homes. Moreover, these laminate worktops can be also be discoloured by the mere use of common cleaning products. Now just think of how inconvenience that may cause you.


It’s a known fact that bathroom worktop more difficult to maintain and keep clean. Mouthwash, toothpaste, and other hygiene products are the common culprits that can makes the bathroom worktop filthy. The bathroom also faces frequent threats of flooding and plumbing leaks.

If you are building a new home or planning on remodelling your bathroom, you should think about the possibility of getting granite worktop or another stone materials. This is because granite worktops are extremely resilient to these forms risks, such as water damage. Waterproof sealants can be re-applied when needed, so as to provide continued protection.


These Granite worktops also make a stunning aesthetic to just about any bathroom set up. Stone worktops most definitely provide a clean and classy look into any bathroom.

Some home owners are most concerned with the possible cost of these worktops, but in fact, there are quite a few affordable options out there. Considering that bathroom worktops are usually much smaller than that of kitchen worktop, purchasing a granite worktop will both be an affordable and worthy investment.

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