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What The Marble Store Offers

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The Marble Store offers a variety of designs when it comes to distributing Granite, Arenastone, Cimstone Lapitec, Quarella, Silestone, Stone Italiana and so many other types of stones from Italy, Norway, Spain, Brazil, India, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and so on. As we have a long standing relationship with over 100 quarries, we are able to collect our own impressive stock of slabs of more than 40,000 with more than 1000 different tones, designs, colours and patterns.

Our showroom is also one to marvel as we offer a wide variety of full-size granite, marble, limestone, silestone, cimstone, travertine slabs, and so many more. We acknowledge that it is important to choose the right slab so you do not have to choose from small samples thus we provide a variety of choices so that you can get the right stone for your home.

The Marble Store offers the latest and most sophisticated CNC or Computer Numeric Control equipment that is also together with the production of traditional production processes to create the best product that the customers want. We also maintain a long relationship with hundreds of dealers, commercial residential contractors, architects, kitchen designers and so on. The company is also responsible for providing major fabrication and installation for different corporate offices, hotels, municipal buildings and thousands of homes.

Our customer-driven manner of satisfying customers and not just marketing, customer service and sales, but also the choices of our materials, production logistics, financial considerations, and machinery makes our business functions to the benefit of our customers. To know more about the Marble Store contact us here.

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