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Which is better for worktops: Granite or Quartz?

Due to the rising popularity of using composite stone for worktops, more and more people find it difficult to choose between granite worktops and quartz worktops. Let us give you a quick comparison between granite and quartz worktops.

People often consider the style of their kitchen and bathroom because it creates an impression on visitors. Many people design their worktops with stone, because it offers a variety of unique colours and styles. Two materials are usually pitted against each other: natural stone and composite quartz. Granite is a natural stone popularly used in kitchen and bathroom worktops. It is chosen due to its strength and durability. Quartz is a manufactured composite stone (97% quartz and 3% resin) that can replicate the look and patterns of many natural stones. It has recently been rising in popularity and is seen on the latest kitchen trends.

Here’s a guide on basic criteria for choosing between Quartz and Granite material. Namely, durability, versatility, sealing and maintenance, and cost-effectiveness.

Quartz Worktops:

Caesarstone Quartz Worktop

This kitchen worktop is styled with CaesarStone Concetto.

Durability: Quartz compares to the strength of granite. It is water, heat, and stain proof. However, it can discolor when exposed to the outdoors. Direct sunlight from windows can affect portions of your worktop. Damaged quartz must be repaired by a professional.

Versatility: Because it is manufactured, quartz offers unique patterns and colours. It can even imitate the look of other natural stone worktops. They are considered more flexible because they are manufactured. Quartz is easier to install because the seams are not easily visible. A dark colored slab can hide seams well.

Sealing and Maintenance: Due to its non-porous nature, quartz worktops do not require any sealing. It’s low maintenance and simple cleaning is enough. It is easy to keep it stain-free.

Cost-effectiveness: The upfront price of quartz is higher than granite. However, it has less maintenance expenses. The pricing usually depends on the size of your worktop.

Granite Worktops:

Black Marinace Granite kitchen worktop

Styled Black Marinace Granite for kitchen worktop.

Durability: Granite is extremely durable. It is a natural stone and is not indestructible. It is good for indoor and outdoor installations. It can still break or chip, but with proper maintenance it can last for a lifetime.

Versatility: Granite is not uniform in colour and patterns. It is impossible to hide the seams. But a well-designed worktop will incorporate the natural look as part of its appeal. It is heavy and will need a professional to install.

Sealing and Maintenance: Granite worktops are porous and will need to be sealed properly. It needs regular maintenance in order to be kept stain-free. Some recommend re-sealing every three years. For more details on how to seal your granite worktop, click here.

Cost-effectiveness: Granite is slightly cheaper than quartz. However, specialized styles like thick slabs may cost more than regular granite. Busy worktops will also suffer from increased maintenance cost.

Which is better?

These are only some of the pros and cons of using granite and quartz for your worktop. Some people choose natural stone and find its unique appearance preferable. Other people choose the contemporary appeal of composite stone because brands like CaesarStone and Quartzform offer the style they need. We can help you choose between granite and quartz. Let our worktop experts help you find the worktop that is suitable for your need and budget. Please call us on 0208 216 2041 or use our contact form here.





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