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Why Choose Silestone Worktop For Your Home


Silestone worktops are a highly-resistant and meticulously engineered material made from natural quartz and a few amounts of binding resins. In truth, Quartz is the hardest material available in the market for manufacturing worktops.

It is both scorch and scratch proof, which means most common kitchen accidents will not harm the material. However, owners of Silestone worktops should still be careful with excessive exposure to heat and pressure.


Silestone worktops has a non-porous quality, which makes them ultimately resistant to stains, as they do not absorb any form liquids at all. Hence, you will no longer be having problems with regards to cleaning the accidental spill of coffee or strong wine.

This absolute quality also makes it extra safe for home use, as it can be challenging for microbes to grow on its surface. Furthermore, the Greenguard Environmental Institute and the National Sanitation Foundation have fully certified this material as a low-emitting product, making it an ideal choice for kitchen and bathroom use.

The available colours for Silestone worktops are almost endless as they come in a wide assortment of colours, textures, and combinations. Because it is man-made, you now have the option to custom-make your worktops so it would entirely fit the design that you want.


How much does Silestone cost?
Silestone surfaces are rather affordable, allowing home owners to set aside a budget without breaking the bank. More or less, you should expect to pay about the same price as you would pay for quality Granite worktops. Prices would also increase to more than twice the usual price if you opt for rare colour combinations, which can be more expensive.

In general, when it comes to the Silestone versus other surface material available in the market– the choice is entirely yours.

If you want to go for a unique and traditional look, and do not mind the casual maintenance issues, then may be choose Granite or Marble. However, if you are looking for a contemporary looking material that ensures safety and durability, you should definitely go for quality Silestone worktops.

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