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Why Granite is the Perfect Choice for Worktops

Granite is the most used, most well known of igneous rocks. Consisting predominantly of quartz and feldspar, although it may also contain a variety of other minerals, granite is extremely dense and has very low porosity, making it impervious to heat damage and stain resistant. Granite’s hardness rating on the Moh scale is between seven and eight, making it almost impossible to scratch, and because there is a lack of calcite in granite, it is also resistant to etching and acid erosion.

These qualities obviously make granite a perfect material for kitchen worktops, bathroom counter tops, flooring and a whole range of other building projects. Waterproof, heatproof, stain and scratch resistant, granite is also highly hygienic, as its dense structure makes it impossible for bacteria to settle in and thrive. Easy to clean and maintain with just a simple wipe to sustain its shine and sparkle for many years, granite worktops are also exceptionally stylish.

Available in a broad range of colours, including 69 finishes from off-whites through yellows, greens, blues, reds, browns and greys to pure black granite, there is something to fit in with any kitchen or bathroom design and colour scheme. The variations in colour and texture are due to different mineral contents in the natural stone. London granite worktops, floor and wall tiles are quarried in different prime locations all over the world, to ensure continually high quality.

Black granite and white kitchen

The Absolute Black, or Nero Assoluto, finish, for instance is found in Zimbabwe. Currently highly popular, this finish provides a warm, elegant appearance to any kitchen. In spite of its high popularity, homeowners need not fear to have the same worktop as anyone else, as each and every slab of this natural material is unique. No two slabs, and subsequently no two worktops, will ever look exactly the same, ensuring total uniqueness for every home.

For high quality, hard wearing and stylish worktops, tiles, splash backs and so on that will last a lifetime while only requiring a minimum of maintenance, granite is certainly one of the best choices a family could possibly make when designing and creating their dream kitchen.

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