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Why granite worktops are still a kitchen favourite

Shopping for new kitchen worktops? Boggled by choice and wondering if opting for granite is a bit old hat?

With new fashionable faves and ‘trendy’ surfaces showing up all over the place, you’d be forgiven for worrying that granite worktops are a bit passé.

But nothing could be further from the truth.

Here the team at The Marble Store share their thoughts on why granite worktops still deserve a place in your kitchen.


4 reasons granite worktops still work


1.    Value for money

There’s no escaping the fact that granite is a premium kitchen surface. And, yes, the price does reflect this quality. You will pay considerably more for a solid surface such as this than you would for say, a laminate worktop.

What it’s important to recognise though, is that whilst granite is expensive, it’s also far more durable.

Heat resistant, scratch resistant – with the right care it can last a lifetime. In comparison, a cheaper surface is likely to either a) require replacing several times or b) look decidedly shabby.


2.    Adds value to your home

Home interiors are personal. If it’s likely you’ll want to move on and sell your home in the future, you may be thinking investing in a granite worktop isn’t worth the expense. But let us tell you – it is!

Whilst the preferred look and feel of interiors and kitchen space is unique to each individual, the quality of granite can’t be ignored.

Granite worktops have long been regarded as a desirable feature for homebuyers and this shows no sign of changing. Buy granite now and you’ll not only make your home more attractive to potential buyers, but it’s also likely you’ll increase the asking price for your property too.


3.    Enduring style

Granite worktops are a classic. Concrete counters, stainless steel, wooden worktops – they’ve all had their moment in the limelight. But whilst they can look good, they are undoubtedly fashion fads.

Paired with the right units and kitchen accessories, granite offers enduring style that can stand up to even the kookiest of kitchen trends. Whether you want a sleek modern look, country kitchen styling or an industrial vibe, granite can achieve them all.

And even as a natural stone, you can be confident of a great range of colours to choose from. Vivid whites, blacks glittering with golden fleck, reds, blues, greens, and everything in between – you really will be spoilt for choice.


4.    Hygienic

The kitchen has always been an area with an emphasis on hygiene and cleanliness but, post-pandemic, the world is hyper-aware of germs and bacteria. This increased focus makes granite more relevant than ever. Why? Because granite worktops are far more sanitary than other options such as wood or laminate.

Initially a porous stone, once it has been sealed, granite prevents dirt, grime and bacteria from penetrating its surface, helping to keep your kitchen germ free.

This seal also makes granite impervious to stains – great if you’re a messy cook or a red wine drinker.


Buy granite worktops from The Marble Store

At The Marble Store, we LOVE granite – and you’ll love our competitive prices even more!

Why not call the team for more advice about choosing this premium stone? We’ll talk to you about what it is you’re looking for – and make sure granite is the optimum choice for your kitchen – before offering you a quote.

The next bit is even easier. We’ll visit your home, template up and be back in less than 10 days to fit your new granite worktops.

Our service is fast, but even so, why waste any more time dithering over surface type? Granite is an exceptional choice, so shop granite worktops and find your favourite now.



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