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Why grey kitchens work

A quick search of the internet for kitchen ideas or a brief flick through home magazines and you’ll be swamped with images of grey kitchens.

Over recent years grey has become the kitchen colour.

Gone are the days of the shade being denounced as drab and boring. Now it is synonymous with style and features high on kitchen designers’ colour palettes.

Whether you’re looking for light and bright, dark and brooding or something in-between, thanks to its fantastic versatility and wide array of shades, grey is the go-to colour.

Think it could be right for your kitchen? Here The Marble Store’s kitchen experts take a closer look at the key to the success of grey kitchens and offer inspiration on how to use the colour to its best advantage.


Why are grey kitchens so popular?

Grey. It’s a classic right?  But not just that, it’s contemporary too and few other shades can offer such timeless charm and modern versatility.

From barely-there pared-back neutrals, so subtle they could almost be white, right through to deep dominating graphite shades, grey’s popularity is largely down to this extensive choice. Strong enough to be used as a stand-alone colour, yet perfect as an accent shade too. When it comes to grey the possibilities and choices really are endless.


How to use grey in the kitchen

Without question, the most popular way to incorporate grey in a kitchen is to pick grey cabinets. But that doesn’t mean it’s the only option. And as people look to push the boundaries and flex their personality, the colour is being used in all sorts of new and creative ways – and with great success.

You can:

– Mix it up

Ok, so you’re 100% set on going for grey kitchen cabinets but why limit yourself to one shade of grey when you can have two?

Instead, create a two-tone look and use a contrasting shade of grey for your island unit.

Not having an island? Try using a different grey along one wall instead. Or use light grey for your wall units and dark for your base cupboards. Combining different shades will help to add depth and interest to your kitchen space.


– Go for grey worktops

It’s not just the cabinets that can be grey –it’s great as a work surface too!

Try a deep grey worktop with a light grey unit, a marbled grey to offset slate-coloured cabinets or using a grey worktop to accentuate a completely contrasting unit. The great thing about grey is that it pairs with any colour and there’s a shade to match every style preference – meaning you can create a look that is truly unique to you and your kitchen.   


– Paint

Fancy a grey kitchen but struggling to justify the expense? A cheap cheat is to paint the walls.

We already know grey works brilliantly with most colours, so painting walls grey can work a treat with any pre-existing kitchen theme, bringing the room bang up to date.

Just keep in mind that too much dark grey paint can be overpowering. Try creating a feature wall and opt for a lighter shade (or white), for the other walls to prevent it from becoming too oppressive.


– Work in warmth and texture

Worried too much grey might all feel a bit samey? Not if you include some of the tips we’ve already highlighted. But one of our absolute favourite ways to accentuate the shade is to work in warmth and texture.

How? It’s easy. A stunning marble effect running through your worktop, grey gloss cabinets for a modern sheen, parquet flooring, and a decorative splashback, are just some of the easy ways you can add style and interest to a grey kitchen.


– Pop with colour

Punctuate with black, highlight with white or brighten with any bold shade that takes your fancy. Whether it’s the colour of your kettle, cabinet handles, curtains, tea towels, or your worksurface, there are plenty of fun ways you can inject colour and accentuate your greys.


Find the perfect worktop for your grey kitchen

Whether you’re searching for a grey worktop or the perfect shade to complement grey kitchen cabinets, check out our collection of granite, marble and quartz worksurfaces today.

To find out more about working with grey and for help choosing the ideal worktop, why not get in touch with the team here at The Marble Store. You can call us on 0800 470 3183, email [email protected] or fill in our enquiry form and we’ll be back in touch soon.


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