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Why Homeowners Choose Stone or Quartz Worktops

Quartz Worktops

Cheap worktops may look great to begin with but because they tend to scratch, chip and stain fairly easy marble, granite or composite worktops (latter of which are often referred to as quartz worktops) may make for a more sound investment.

It is easy to see, when looking at marble, granite or composite worktops (made from a mixture of crushed stone and quartz, set in ultra-hard resin), why they have grown in popularity among UK homeowners.

To begin with, the choice of colours is huge (and in the case of composite products, such as Diresco worktops, almost limitless), from white marble to black granite – you’ll be able to find the colour to match your kitchen.

In addition, unlike wood or cheap worktops manufactured from plywood or chipboard, quartz worktops, as well as marble and granite tops, are almost impossible to scratch or chip due to their extreme hardness.

Because the surfaces of marble and granite worktops are sealed, and quartz worktops are essentially composite worktops consisting of quartz crystals, resin and other fragments, which makes them completely non-porous, it is also next to impossible to stain them. Even fluids like vinegar or lemon juice, which will easily leave stains on cheap worktops, will not permanently mark a composite worktop.

Quartz, granite or marble worktops are also highly heat resistant. This means it is possible to place a hot baking tray straight onto a composite worktop without incurring permanent scorch marks. Naturally, even a natural stone or quartz worktop is not completely indestructible, and leaving hot implements on a stone or quartz worktop for prolonged periods may ultimately result in slight discolouration.

Another reason for worktops UK homeowners opt for consisting of natural stone is that they require very little maintenance. Polishing is not required, and a simple rinse will keep a black granite, marble or quartz worktop shiny for years. Granite and marble worktops and granite tiles may need resealing once every few years while a composite worktop and quartz wall tiles will not even require this to maintain their beauty.

Given all these benefits it’s not hard to see why for homeowners across the UK and London granite, composite and marble worktops are the premier choice. Visit The Marble Store today and know more about the different worktops we offer.

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