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Why marble worktops make a great investment

Marble worktops. A stunning addition to any kitchen but – as with many things of beauty – it can come at a price. With that in mind, and with so many attractive alternatives on the market these days, you may be asking yourself if it’s really worth the expense?

At The Marble Store, we believe it is – and we’re not on our own! Marble is hugely popular the world over. Here we take a closer look at this coveted worktop choice and share with you just some of the reasons why it remains a firm favourite in kitchen design.


What is marble?

Marble starts life as limestone. Over time, under the intense heat and pressure of magma and tectonic plates, this limestone starts to recrystallise, changing the rock physically and chemically to create marble.

The veins, so characteristic of marble, are caused by mineral deposits, which settle into thin layers. These different minerals are also responsible for tinting entire pieces of marble, resulting in a huge variety of colours available.


The benefits of marble worktops

  • Beauty

Without doubt, this is one of the main attractions of a marble worktop. The simple, natural beauty of the stone brings effortless elegance to any kitchen space.


  • Uniqueness

Thanks to the way it is formed, no two pieces of marble are ever the same. So if you’re looking for real distinction, marble is your answer.


  • Add value to your home

Kitchens are a key selling point to any home and, investing in your worktops now, may serve you well should you wish to move on in future years. Marble worktops create a favourable and lasting impression and can significantly enhance your properties saleability – and its price tag!


  • Durability

As a natural stone, marble is pretty tough and resistant to scratching and breaking. Provided it is correctly sealed and properly maintained, you can easily expect a lifetime of enjoyment from your worktops.

It is, however, softer than granite which makes it easier to work with. So, if you’ve got an eye on fancy edges or elaborate worktop designs, marble is a great choice.


  • Heat resistant

Long favoured by both amateur home chefs and professionals alike, marble worktops won’t melt or burn if a hot pan should catch the surface. They also stay cool, making the surface ideal for rolling pastry.


  • Timeless

Marble is favoured by designers around the world. Why? Because in all the time it has been a high fashion favourite, it has never fallen from grace. Year in, year out, it remains a classic and timeless choice. Which in turn, makes it money well spent.


Sounds great, but how much do marble worktops actually cost?

Ok, there’s little point in us denying that there are cheaper alternatives out there. There are. But you have to balance out the price you pay, against the many qualities and benefits you gain in return.

The type, size and width of the marble you pick will all have an impact on the overall price. Doing your research and buying from an experienced and reputable worktop manufacturer, such as the Marble Store, can go a long way to guaranteeing you receive excellent value for money. Ensuring that your marble worktop is both a cost-effective and long-lasting option.


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