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Why quartz worktops are a family favourite

When it comes to the family home, kitchens are at the very heart of things.

A multi-generational – and multi-purpose – space, it’s important for a kitchen to provide a practical and safe environment for everyone.

But you still want it to look good, right?

Of course you do. Which is why, if you’re in the market for kitchen improvements, you need to check out quartz worktops.

Wondering what puts this material at the top of the list when there are so many alternatives out there? Here surface specialists from The Marble Store, explain why quartz kitchen worktops are a firm family favourite.


Why choose a quartz countertop for a family kitchen?



It’s a given that having kids means making sacrifices and changes – but with quartz worktops one thing you don’t need to compromise on is style.

Available in a fantastic range of colours and finishes, you’ll be spoilt for choice. And whatever kitchen look you’re going for, there’s guaranteed to be a quartz worktop to suit.



A biggie when it comes to decisions for a family kitchen and quartz countertops more than pass the test.

Easy to work with, they can be fabricated with smooth curved edges – reducing the threat posed by hard solid surfaces with sharply cut angles. Especially important if there are little ones running about.

Whilst it’s best avoided, a quartz surface can also withstand direct heat. So if you need to put a hot pan down in a hurry, it can be placed safely on the surface without the risk of damage. Do the same with laminate and it would be game over for your worktop.


Easy to look after

Free time? What’s that!?

In-between juggling the kids’ social diaries, multiple after school activities, homework, the list goes on, there’s never much time going spare. And there are certainly more important things to do with it than cleaning your kitchen.

Good to know then, that quartz worktops require minimal maintenance, with no re-sealing involved and nothing more than a wipe over with soapy water needed to keep them looking great.



Think having kids means you can never have anything white again. EVER!

Not so with quartz worktops.

Highly resistant to stains you can let the kids run wild and still be confident of maintain a gleaming white finish.

Hardwearing and durable, whether it’s being heavy-handed with pans or creating a slime explosion over your island unit, a family kitchen finished with quartz will be able to take whatever life throws at it.



Want to update your kitchen without over-stretching the budget? Quartz is a great investment. With prices typically starting at around £400 and rising to £1000 per square metre depending on the thickness and finish you go for. Consider the longevity of this purchase and it’s a sensible spend.



Now we don’t want to give younger generations bad press but invariably, where there are kids, there are germs. With grubby hands likely to be all over your kitchen surfaces you need cleanliness to be a top priority. Reassuring then, that quartz worktops are non-porous. This means they don’t harbour germs as easily as other surfaces and makes them a safe and hygienic option.


Buy quartz worktops for your family kitchen

Heard enough to be convinced quartz is the right choice for you? Then why not take a look at the great range available from The Marble Store. We stock quartz kitchen worktops from all the trusted names and have skilled in-house stonemasons ready and waiting to customise your order to your exact needs.

And don’t worry, we understand how crucial the kitchen is to the family home, which is why you can rely on us to fit surfaces within 7-10 days from templating. Keeping any distribution to an absolute minimum.

To find out more or for a free quotation, get in touch with the team.


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