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Why You Should Choose Quality Granite Worktops

Light Granite Worktop

Buy low and sell high— that is the most important advice to follow when it comes to any form of investments. Purchasing a home is commonly considered as a long-term investment, but a lot of homeowners just presume that it will increase in value over the years. The problem with this is that your property can also depreciate, especially if it becomes dated and run down due to lack of proper maintenance. On the other hand, adequate conditioning and integrating new improvements in your home can make a huge difference in the overall property value.

Granite worktops have been well-known long enough that it’s safe to say this improvement is not a short-term trend. A lot of buyers love granite, and some are even willing to pay a bit of extra money for its durability, unique nature, and easy maintenance. So if you want your home to gain more value, then definitely consider installing Granite worktops!

modern granite worktop

Granite material is exceedingly durable, stain and scratch resistant, and it can also take some serious heat– even up to 900 degrees Fahrenheit without causing any damage in the process.

While cutting on granite worktops won’t easily impair the surface, it will definitely hurt your kitchen knives. Moreover, once correctly sealed– granite is very easy to maintain on a daily basis. You also have to remember that the first sealant is exceptionally crucial because stone surfaces are naturally porous, and without any sealant, it will stain your worktops very easily. Additionally, depending on which type of granite worktops you have, it is essential to have them resealed at least once a year or so to ensure that your worktops will last a long time.

natural granite

If you’re skilled enough to DIY this vital task, then you can reseal the worktops yourself. If not, then it would be wise to hire a professional to do it for you.

Even after resealing has been appropriately implemented, always be sure to clean up any spills as soon as they occur, else they could seep into the surface over time. In terms of daily/routine cleaning, it is best recommended to use a microbial product that’s approved for use on granite surfaces and not just any liquid soaps in your house.

Amp up the value of your property by opting for quality Granite worktops!

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