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Caesarstone Quartz

Caesarstone Topus Concrete

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Caesarstone Topus Concrete is a dusty beige toned stone paired with a white mottled pattern. The neutral toned essence accompanying this worktop provides for a unique yet simple design for your interior. Its scratch and stain resistant properties as well as its non-porous quality paired with its physical beauty establishes for both use and aesthetic within your interior.  If you’re looking to incorporate uniqueness and practicality to your space, Caesarstone Topus Concrete is the worktop for you.

Caesarstone is a luxurious premium quartz surface, used in both residential and commercial sites. Through its combination of beauty and brawn, Caesarstone allows you to awaken your design imagination. In addition to these unique qualities, it’s organic mineral properties of approximately 90% natural quartz establish a durable and resistant surface. Its high ability to withstand cracks, scratches and stains ensures not only a reliability upon this stone but equally an ease when maintaining your worktop.

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