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Dekton Worktops

Traditional or contemporary – transform the look of your kitchen with an effortlessly stylish Dekton worktop. Available in an excellent choice of colours and finishes, this incredibly hardwearing and versatile surface is perfect for any kitchen or bathroom. View the collection below, find your favourite, and click ‘enquire’ to access a quick quote or request a call back from a member of the team.

What is Dekton?

Part of the Cosentino brand, Dekton worktops are an ultra-compact and high-performing surface.

Made from a special blend of porcelain, quartz, and stone bonded together as part of a unique ultracompaction process, Dekton claims to have ‘decoded natural stone’ in order to understand its natural beauty and performance.

This has allowed them to not only harness the appealing qualities of a natural stone, but also to enhance them. Resulting in a worktop that offers the ultimate in both beauty and functionality.

Benefits of a Dekton kitchen worktop

Dekton is one of the most sought-after surfaces on the market for good reason. Perfect for all elements in the kitchen, including worktops, upstands, splashbacks, and waterfall islands, a Dekton surface offers multiple favourable qualities.

– Extensive choice

Dekton comes in an impressive variety of colours and styles. Whatever your kitchen theme, colour palette, or layout, you’ll find a Dekton surface that works perfectly.

As one of the most versatile materials out there, you can choose from a range of thicknesses (8mm-30mm), a rainbow of colours, and a variety of finishes – ultra glossy, matt, and textured – giving you ultimate design freedom to create exactly the look you want.

– Non-porous qualities

Thanks to its ultra-compact nature, Dekton has almost zero porosity. This means fluids and bacteria are unable to penetrate the surface, ensuring your worktop always stays hygienically clean and looks its best.

– Stain resistant

This non-porous quality also ensures that Dekton worktops hold up well against tough stains. Red wine, curry sauce, and rich spices are no match for this resilient surface.

– Heat resistant

A busy kitchen means hot pans, and one of the many reasons for this material’s popularity is its heatproof qualities. Whilst we would always recommend using trivets or a protective mat, it’s reassuring to know that you can place hot dishes and pans directly onto a Dekton worktop without causing damage.

– Scratch and impact resistant

Heavy-handed in the kitchen? Worried about chips and scratches? Relax. Dekton worktops are famed for their strength and durability, making them incredibly difficult to chip or damage and perfect for everyday use.

– Minimal joints

Dekton worktops are available in large slabs, providing visual continuity and reducing the need for joints. Ideal if you have a large expanse of worktops or are planning a palatial island unit.

What options are available?

Many of the Dekton surfaces we offer are available in a choice of thicknesses:

– 8mm

– 12mm

– 20mm

– 30mm

This allows you the freedom to create the exact look and profile you desire.

There are also numerous colourways and finishes on offer, from soft shades to solid blocks of intense colour. You’ll even find the rich veining effect of marble (see Dekton Entzo, for example) and patterns inspired by volcanic stone (take a look at Dekton Trilium).

Most Dekton surfaces are polished, but you can also find some options for a matt or textured finish.

How much do Dekton worktops cost?

Thanks to its highly favourable qualities, Dekton is widely considered to be at the more luxurious end of the market when it comes to price.

Typically a little more expensive when compared to granite or quartz worktops, prices for Dekton usually start from around £600 per square metre.

Dekton may not be a cheap worksurface, but there’s no denying it represents exceptional value for money. Attractive, durable, and long-lasting, it offers a vast array of favourable qualities – but demands little in terms of upkeep or ongoing maintenance.

Invest in Dekton and there will be no expensive cleaning products required, no costly resealing treatments, and no paying out to replace damage caused by kitchen mishaps liable to occur with less hardy surfaces.

Here at the Marble Store, we pride ourselves on always offering competitive pricing. Please get in touch for a detailed quote for Dekton worktops.

How does Dekton compare to other surfaces?

When it comes to hardwearing and durability status, it’s usually granite and quartz that take the crown.

Not anymore.

Dekton is even more resilient to abrasion than granite, and its hardness is equal to that of quartz (Dekton boasts a score of 7 out of 10 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness).

These impressive qualities contribute to the many reasons people are switching to Dekton.

How easy is a Dekton surface to look after?

You may think that a surface that looks this good must be high maintenance – but it’s not!

Looking after Dekton is quick and easy. A simple wipe-over with clean soapy water is all that’s needed to keep this surface looking and performing at its best.

Is Dekton a sustainable choice?

Absolutely. In fact, if the eco-credentials of your worksurface choice are important to you, then you’ll be hard pushed to find a more impressive option than Dekton.

All the energy used in creating Dekton comes from renewable sources, and it is produced using a minimum of 85% recycled or recovered materials. Dekton also offsets 100% of the CO2 emissions produced over its life cycle – making it the only fully carbon-neutral surface currently available.

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