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Sensa New Boira (DISCONTINUED)

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DISCONTINUED – Please call for alternative Quartz
Discover the beauty of Sensa by Cosentino® New Boira countertops. Each slab of granite is unique and is carefully extracted by Cosentino. Owing to the strength, durability and the unique elegance of natural stone, Sensa by Cosentino® is an excellent choice for kitchen countertops and other household surfaces.
Benefits of Sensa by Cosentino
New Boira Sensa by Cosentino® consists of maintenance-free, high-quality, natural granite offered by Cosentino, a global leader in the natural stone industry for more than 80 years. New Boira Sensa by Cosentino® has a revolutionary protective treatment that provides high stain resistance and has a 10-year warranty.

You will discover that Sensa by Cosentino® offers you a range of colours to combine with any décor scheme or project. A protective treatment is applied to each slab of Sensa by Cosentino® in Cosentino’s modern facilities. This protective treatment has a 10-year warranty that will allow you to continue to enjoy the natural beauty of your New Boira Sensa by Cosentino® countertop for a long time.

With New Boira Sensa by Cosentino®, you will add an elegant touch to your kitchen and will be highly protected against common household stains.

What is the difference between the treatment applied to Sensa by Cosentino and standard granite sealants?
There are many sealants on the market that claim to protect granite surfaces. Standard sealants contain agents with a high molecular weight and which create a mechanical barrier to protect the granite, blocking or sealing the porosity of the stone. However, this barrier is weak and is easily worn down using common household cleaners. Therefore, it is necessary to re-apply sealant to prolong the life of the granite. Moreover, the high molecular weight of the agents does not allow the stone to breathe, thereby reducing the elasticity of the sealant.

Unlike standard sealants, the treatment applied to Sensa by Cosentino® creates a superior protection chemically attaches itself to the stone surface to create a permanent barrier.

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Available Thicknesses:  
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