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Granite Worktops

Granite worktops have long been regarded as the best option for kitchen surfaces with this natural material never falling out of fashion. Exceptional sturdiness makes granite both practical and aesthetic. Whether you have a traditional kitchen, or prefer a modern décor, granite worktops offer the perfect finish for almost all kitchen designs.

If you’re considering remodelling your kitchen from scratch – you first need to decide on the overall theme you want to go for. Are you trying to build a minimal, traditional, modern or contemporary schemed space? The good news is that granite countertops are a practical and stylish choice regardless of the design, and you can opt for different colours to ensure it ties in seamlessly with your chosen look.


Granite is a natural ingenious rock predominantly composed of mica, quartz and feldspar. The mixing of these three minerals during the formation of the rock defines the pattern, colour and texture of the granite.

Granite is mined throughout the world and used for buildings, bridges, paving and monuments. Granite kitchen worktops are formed from sheets of polished stone that are combined together to create the granite countertop.

As granite is an entirely natural substance, no two granite countertops will ever look the same, with differing thickness, colour and grain making each granite worktop one of a kind. Want an individual look to your kitchen? Granite kitchen worktops will go a long way to achieving a unique kitchen space.

Granite is also recognised as one of the hardest surfaces available therefore it makes for the ideal surface in any kitchen thanks to its incredibly scratch and stain resistant properties. Granite worktops’ solid qualities also make the surface one of the easiest to clean materials on the market.

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Granite can be split into two types: pebbled and veined. Mottled or pebbled granite countertops offer a calming, serene feel, whereas veined granite worktops are usually considered to give a movement design, with strips of colour running through the stone.

As they are made from genuine substance, no two designs of these worktops will ever be identical. An enormous variety of colours are available, from blues, pinks to reds, blacks and greys, including Antique Brown, African Red, Azul Imperial granite and Azul Bahia.


Although it is an incredibly tough material, you’ll be glad to know that granite worktops can easily be cut to fit the shape and size of your kitchen. So, whether you’re working with limited space or have a large kitchen, our range of granite kitchen worktops can be made to order.


Granite is what’s otherwise known as igneous rock – so yes, it can tolerate high temperatures. However, that being said, we advise against leaving hot pans on your granite worktop as the sealants can weaken from excessive heat.

If you have to place your hot pan on the granite worktop for a brief moment, no harm should be done – but invest in some protective worktop place mats for your pan if you’re struggling for space.


As granite is a porous material, meaning that it isn’t resistant to stains, those looking to preserve the beauty of their granite worktops should ensure they are cleaning them down every day.

Keeping granite worktops clean is pretty easy if kept on top of and should rarely require anything stronger than a simple solution of warm water and soap. Using a soft cloth, be sure to blot away any spillages rather than wipe to keep the surface looking as good as new.


The benefits of granite worktops are vast, there’s no denying it – but it’s important to consider the pros and the cons when making a final decision about your worktops. For many homeowners, the fact that granite is so easily adaptable with any style is a huge benefit, and it will also make your home much more valuable if you ever come to selling it.

That said, we do understand that granite worktops just aren’t for everyone, so if you’re unsure about whether granite will be the best for your kitchen and lifestyle, why not contact us? You can either call us on 0208 216 2051, use our contact form or request a call back and someone will be back in touch soon.

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