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Artscut Earth Worktops

Artscut Earth

Earth is the exciting new brand by the company behind the phenomenal success of the worlds most fashionable quartz brand, Artscut.
The story of Artscut Earth takes us right back to 1948 in Pouilly Sur Loire, France. Pierre Honoré Lefere was the son of a local architect. His admiration for the earth and how it was used to build stunning structures came from his father expertise in designing and crafting buildings using the Earth’s greatest material, stone. Pierre was always fond of the mountains and hills of his village, so when he saw limestones used for kitchens, he wondered how different mountains around France would change the look of the kitchen. His journey began at home, opening a family business which started laying limestone tiles. Once he obtained the suitable tools, Pierre moved to granite and marble worktops. Pierre began moving to other villages and discovering their beautiful materials, and eventually travelled to far flung corners of the world to source the rarest and most beautiful stones.

The Advantages of Artscut Earth

Artscut Earth has come a long way since the first Granites were introduced to the collection in 1970. With the introduction of a protective solvent treatment, Artscurt Earth can now claim to be just as durable for use within a kitchen as Quartz. The unique protective coating prevents spillages and is therefore stain resilient. Thanks to the treatment, the low permeability of the stone means it is less prone to thermal shock then an untreated granite and does not require re-sealing. The properties of granite itself are very advantageous for a kitchen worktop owing to its hard composition. It is not prone to scratches, and scores 7 on the Mohs scale (Diamond being 10 and Talc being 1).
But of course, the main advantage of Artscut Earth is the charm of the granite itself. Nothing beats the beauty if a natural stone, and Artscut Earth takes care to ensure only the finest most dazzling stones are added to its collection.

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