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Why work for The Marble Group?

The Marble Group prides itself on a set of core values that centre on ensuring we are nurturing a happy, collaborative and positive team. We want each of the individuals who work for us to feel a strong sense of pride and purpose when coming to work. We also want our employees to feel a sense of community when coming to work, and given that The Marble Group is a family-run business we make sure that every person who works for us feels like they are part of the TMG family.

Not only do we want to work with the best and most skilled people in the industry, but we also want to train, harness and develop new talent. We are always willing to take time to teach the next generation of stone craftsmen and so have an established stonemasonry training program, along with a kitchen worktop fitter training program and general tradesman training program. We believe strongly in mentoring the tradesmen that work for us to ensure that we are always investing in our people as much as they invest in their work.

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The Marble Group Mission

The Marble Group’s mission is to be the largest and most esteemed stone worktop supplier in the UK. We intend to deliver the highest quality finishings and the most acclaimed level of customer service. We are leaders, innovators and disruptors within the stone industry. Where there are long standing industry processes, we use creativity and skill to improve them and work smarter in order to deliver better results more efficiently. Working with us means that you will always be learning new techniques, developing your skills and working with some of the most inspiring and innovative tradesmen in the stone industry. We are also constantly investing in new machinery, providing the most high-tech tools for our employees in the factory, along with complex dust extraction systems to ensure that we provide the safest and most comfortable working environment for our factory and manufacturing workers. We are currently hiring for factory and manufacturing roles. We are a company that sets the benchmark for the rest of the stone fabrication industry.

We are a company that operates under a set of core values: growth, over-delivery, positivity, integrity, community, high performance. All of our actions, processes and procedures are rooted in these six belief systems and we strive every day to let our values shine through in our work and in how we relate to our members of staff. We uphold the highest levels of respect and consideration for every member of our team and value our employees and people and individuals first. We want everybody who works for The Marble Group to take great joy in coming to work and to come in everyday with a smile on their face.

Machinery and Yard

Working as a stonemason, stone fitter, kitchen worktop fabricator or manufacturing labourer for The Marble Group means that you will be working with an incredible range of equipment that will not only make your daily work much more efficient and less laborious, but also that you will get to improve your skills and add some of the most sophisticated pieces of equipment as a proficiency on your CV.

Our latest and most impressive piece of machinery is our Flow Waterjet, the industry’s leader in the precision manufacturer technology. It allows us to work effortlessly with ceramic and porcelain based products and also to craft pieces to very intricate specifications with other soft stone products such as marble and quartzite. It unlocks the capabilities of what we are able to do in-house and greatly increased the standard of work we are able to achieve. It has enabled us to overcome some of the barriers of working with the more traditional bridgesaw range, such as making smaller radius full-circle cuts and performing curved and circle cutting on ceramic products, which is not possible on other types of saws. Senior stonemasons are also encouraged to advise, oversee and contribute to the planning of larger, more difficult and more impactful projects, showing not only how much we value the opinions and expertise of our staff but also investing in your project management and leadership skills which will support you in furthering your career.

Our full Bridge saw range can be used for regular manual cutting, semi automatic, repeat cut production or fully automatic using our facilities. This is typically how we fabricate our quartz and granite worktops depending on the specification. Our capabilities include; curve cutting and full circle cuts to as small as 580mm in diameter. All our work surfaces are hand crafted to individual requirements using traditional masonry skills alongside our state of the art digitally controlled machinery. We work with practices such as laser templating and physical templating to ensure that we are utilising the best digital and traditional processes in unison as appropriate. We are always seeking to digitalise our processes where possible to keep up with the changing manufacturing landscape increase our accuracy and reduce our margin for error.

We work with an extensive range of stone, from natural stones such as granite or marble to manufactured products such as quartz and ceramic stones. For those applying for trainee stone mason roles, trainee fitter roles, trainee kitchen fitter roles, trainee kitchen worktop fitter roles or any of our trainee positions in manufacturing, you will receive extensive training in all of our different stone products to increase your skills and ensure you are empowered with all the tools needed to excel in your role.

Our growth as a company has always stemmed from our practiced ability to be flexible to our customer’s individual needs, from residential projects to large-scale commercial developments. Our refined knowledge of the industry and our collective experience as a company and of our highly skilled team members serves to secure our place as leaders in the field. As a member of our team you will get the chance to participate in projects such as luxury developments throughout central London and the South East of England, work with some breathtaking stones and take real pride in the works that you are producing.

We are committed to a journey of growth, innovation and improvement, which is reflected in our consistently high standard of work. Whilst mistakes may occur, we view them as learning opportunities and make it our top priority to rectify them as quickly as possible, ensuring that we take the time to learn, understand and grow from our mistakes. We are patient and understanding with our staff to ensure that everybody is learning from mistakes rather than being punished for them. We believe that there is no growth without mistakes and it is how you deal with them that drives improvement within the business. In addition to this, we place a ten year guarantee on our workmanship because we trust so much in our staff and our ways of working.

Worktop fitter jobs

We have available positions for worktop fitter roles in Hatfield and Hertfordshire. Tradesmen available for work in Hertfordshire should consider applying for one of our stone worktop fitter roles and join our team on the road who install kitchen worktops every single day.

Kitchen worktop specialist jobs

Have skills working with kitchen worktops? We are keen to hire available tradesmen looking for work who have experience working with kitchen worktops and encourage you to apply for available roles. Based on your experience we can find the perfect role for you within The Marble Group.

Kitchen templater jobs

We are hiring now for kitchen templaters and are looking to add templaters to our in-house templating team. We are looking for skilled kitchen templaters available to work who can join our team in Hatfield. This is a mobile job and so the kitchen templater role is available London-wide for the right candidate. Please submit your CV for consideration.

Kitchen fitter jobs

We are always looking to add skilled kitchen fitters to our team, specialising  in Kitchen worktops. Those currently working to fit kitchens who are looking to specialise in kitchen worktops will receive the proper training and support with the transition. Please submit your application and CV to [email protected].

Labourer jobs

We are always seeking to train the next generation of talent within the stone industry and so have availability for apprentice roles, labourer roles in Hatfield, labouring roles in Hertfordshire and factory worker roles in Hatfield. We are looking for driven young individuals who are willing to learn to fulfill these roles and support our team. Please send your CV to [email protected] for consideration.

Trainee fitter jobs

We have a mature and highly skilled kitchen worktop fitter team, and so we are always looking to take on available trainee fitters looking for work now who are willing to learn and develop their skills to eventually become fully fledged stone worktop fitters and skilled tradesmen. Apprentice fitters looking for roles should send their applications to [email protected] for consideration.

Office roles

The Marble Group not only hire skilled workers or skilled tradesmen roles, but also we have many available roles in the office in Hatfield. We have a team of around 20 people working collaboratively in the office who welcome new members of the team for project management roles, sales administrator roles, sales roles and retail sales roles in Hertfordshire. If you are interested and would like to apply, please send your application to [email protected].

Office administration jobs

The Marble Group have lots of available office administration roles in Hatfield. We require Microsoft office proficiency and a positive attitude and willingness to learn. If you are an available office worker looking for work then please submit your application to [email protected].

Sales roles

The Marble Group have available sales roles in Hatfield for those looking for work in Hertfordshire in sales. Come and join our experienced and vibrant team in the office and learn and develop your sales skills. Please send your CV and application to [email protected].

Sales administrator jobs

Those looking for roles in sales administration, those available for office based roles in Hertfordshire, those looking for office roles in Hatfield and those experienced in sales administration and looking for work should consider applying to our team at The Marble Group. As we are a business that is constantly growing we always are hiring for office roles in Hatfield and welcome the submission of your CV and application at any time. Please send applications to [email protected].




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