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Okite Worktops

With the kind of durability exceeding that of granite and marble, as well as an absorption level of only 0.022 percent, it’s easy to understand why Okite worktops are commonly popular. A wide-ranging variety of colours and textures adds to the regard and popularity of Okite worktops, allowing them to fit well into any design or style of a kitchen, regardless of the materials used for the space, as well as the colour scheme.
What is Okite?
Okite is made from nearly 93% genuine quartz particles and other fragments of materials, to generate pigments and textures that would produce a wide variety of colours. These components are mixed together with a small amount of high-grade polyester resin which is responsible for the low absorbency of the Okite countertops.
Okite Worktop Colours and Finishes
Okite worktops are presently available in 30 gorgeous textures and colours including whites, blacks, greys, creams, blues and browns.

Textures vary from fine pebbles and grains to daring marble-like effects. All textures and colours are available in a refined finish; including Matera, Grigio Scuro, Prisma Azul Macaubas and Nordico.

If you would prefer to contact us directly about Okite worktops then please either call us on 0208 216 2051 or use our contact form here and someone will get back to you to advise you shortly.

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