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XTone Worktops


XTone is the newest addition to the portfolio of Porcelanosa; the biggest ceramic tile specialist in the world. They have applied their years of experience and expert knowledge into a large format ceramic tile that has wide reaching design applications; including kitchen worktops. XTone was developed to answer the demand for a durable, functional, and elegant ceramic surface, using the most advanced technology and the purest natural materials. Each large format slab is 154mm by 328mm and is available in a 12mm and 20mm thickness.

How are XTone worktops created?

The new, high-performance material is made up of sintered porcelain with pure minerals that are created with the most advanced technological development. Sintering is the process of compacting and forming a solid mass of material by heat and pressure, without melting it to the point of liquefaction. The process creates a large format ceramic tile that is technically advanced, durable and perfect for everyday kitchen applications.

What are the benefits of XTone worktops?

XTone provides a multitude of benefits that makes it perfect for kitchen worktops due to its extraordinary scratch resistance and ability to absorb energy from impacts, while maintaining its integrity. It performs better than quartz, marble, granite, and other common solid surfaces in all areas, most importantly in durability and hardiness. The practically 0% porosity prevents the absorption of liquids and gases, preventing the accumulation of odours and making it the most hygienic material designed for your kitchen. Its resistance to chemical products for domestic use and a high resistance to any type of stains, make it an indispensable element. It is an easily maintainable material; no special cleaners are required. XTone is highly resistant to stains, chemicals, heat and burns, thermal shock, scratching, water, and UV rays.

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