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Marazzi Worktops

Marazzi Worktops

Marazzi slabs are distinguished by matt, satin and glossy surfaces that are extremely sophisticated. They are specially designed for the creation of tops, backsplashes, and infinite tailor-made furnishing options.

Marazzi countertops are made from ceramic clay, and mineral colouring making it a highly durable, non-porous surface. Porcelain slabs can be made in a variety of colours depicting natural marble and granite patterns.

Porcelain has long been a popular choice for walls and flooring and is now in demand for kitchen worktops too.

Anti Bacterial Design

The Puro Marazzi Antibacterial technology is an innovative antibacterial technology by Marazzi. Applied to large stoneware slabs 12 mm thick, perfect for the most hard-wearing kitchen countertops. It is able to eliminate up to 99.9% of bacteria and other harmful microorganisms.

Innovation is delivered not only by the treatment’s performance but also by its intrinsic properties. The silver ion additive is incorporated during the production process before firing, becoming an integral part of the product. This is a permanent treatment that cannot be scratched or worn away and guarantees constant active protection. It also ensures long-term conservation of the appearance and technical qualities of porcelain surfaces, which are ideal for kitchen countertops.

Puro Marazzi Antibacterial The Top is a collection intended in particular for use in kitchens, for all worktops intended for preparing and eating food, or for frequent use. State-of-the-art antimicrobial technology actively combats the bacteria’s metabolism and blocks their reproduction. This antibacterial action is constant over time and also prevents the formation of unpleasant odours. This, therefore, is guaranteed to keep rooms fresher and healthier.

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