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Marble Worktops

Enhance Your Kitchen with Elegant Marble Worktops from The Marble Store

Whether your kitchen is spacious or cosy, whether you prefer a modern look or a traditional aesthetic, The Marble Store’s expertly crafted marble worktops add a touch of timeless elegance. Discover our extensive collection of marble worktops, perfect for any kitchen style.

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What Makes Marble Worktops a Classic Choice for Kitchens?

Marble, known for its distinctive veining and marbled appearance, is a natural stone that begins as limestone and transforms under intense heat and pressure. This process creates a durable, hardwearing, and stunningly beautiful material, ideal for kitchen worktops.

Why Opt for a Marble Worktop in Your Kitchen?

Marble worktops, once a symbol of wealth, are now accessible for various budgets, making them a top choice for kitchen surfaces. Their durability and elegance make them stand out in both performance and aesthetics.

Benefits of Choosing Marble Worktops:

  • Unique Beauty: Each marble worktop has distinct veining, ensuring a unique addition to your kitchen.
  • Workability: Marble’s softer nature compared to granite makes it ideal for custom designs and fancy edge profiles.
  • Durability: Despite its softness, marble is strong, and resistant to cracks and scratches.
  • Cool Surface: Marble maintains a cool temperature, perfect for baking enthusiasts.

Color and Style Variations in Marble Worktops:

Marble worktops offer unique colour distinctions due to mineral impurities, ensuring no two slabs are identical. You can choose from a variety of colours and thicknesses (20mm, 30mm, 50mm) to match your kitchen’s décor. We have some advice on colours in our blog are white worktops a bad idea?

Considerations Before Purchasing Marble Worktops:

While marble worktops are an excellent choice, consider factors such as weight and cost. Marble is heavy, so ensure your cabinets can support it. Though we offer competitive pricing, marble is a premium product.

Maintaining Your Marble Worktop:

Caring for marble worktops is straightforward. Regular cleaning with a damp cloth and mild detergent can keep them looking pristine. Check our blog Marble Worktops Maintenance for more advice

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Cleaning marble worktops


  • As marble is softer than other natural stone worktops, it’s recommended to always use a chopping board.
  • Marble worktops are naturally porous. They will also require annual resealing to prevent stains and spillages from being absorbed.

How do i choose a marble worktop?

A firm favourite in the kitchen world, marble worktops are great for those who like to be more unique with their style. No two pieces are ever the same, so you can be confident your kitchen work surface is exclusive to you.

Pros of marble worktops:

– Marble worktops can increase the value of your home.

– They are unique.

– Softer than other natural stones, marble is easier to work with, so if you’ve got an elaborate design in mind, it’s a great choice.

– Famed for a cool surface temperature, marble worktops are a favourite among bakers.

Cons of a marble worktop:

– It can be expensive.

– It’s very heavy. If you plan to fit the worktops yourself, you’re going to need backup. You also need to be mindful of the strength in your cupboards and be sure they can take the weight.

– Marble is naturally porous which can make it susceptible to staining. To avoid problems, you’ll need to reseal annually and stay on top of spillages to prevent fluids from being absorbed.

Average price for marble worktops: typically one of the more pricey materials for kitchen worktops, you can still find options starting from £200, although the top end of the scale is closer to £1000 per square metre.

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Does a marble worktop compliment granite?

Granite and marble worktops have been top picks as worktop material for a long time. But seldom do we see the two materials adorn countertops together in one room. It is usually one type of stone or the other.

If granite worktop is chosen, then it is granite all the way. But we have to ask ourselves, can these two materials exist as countertops together in a single space? The answer is a simple “yes”. There is no written rule that says the contrary, but there are suggestions that can be followed when deciding to use these two stones as countertops to ensure you made the right choice. Read On our blog

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