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Neolith Worktops


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This is the granite panel which can be used behind the hob, range and sink to protect the wall from splashes. You can also have full height splashbacks which are positioned on top of the granite work surface to the underside of the wall units.

Measure the length (mm) and width (mm) of each splashback piece that you require and input them into the boxes. Quote based on 20mm thickness granite.

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SKU: 6c594932a856 Category:

Neolith Cement:
Neolith Cement is one of the world’s toughest collections for a kitchen worktop. Neolith Cement is part of the Fusion collection. The soft concrete grey delivers Cement with a design that carries out a current and up to date look. Neolith Cement has an architectural look to it, Neolith Cement adds a refined industrial style to surroundings with a fashionable design, above all technical characteristics. Neolith Cement comes in a luxurious satin finish.
The different assets of Neolith Cement consist of:

Neolith Cement does not burn. Neolith Cement is unaffected by high temperatures; which means one could put their hot appliances straight onto the work surface.


Neolith Cement is resilient to sunlight. Often man-made stones will discolour with UV Rays while Neolith Cement will not.


Available in all finishes and thicknesses, the design possibilities with Cement are numerous and just right for any type of use.


It’s not just high temperatures that Neolith Cement is unpretentious to but also low temperatures.


The most favoured property of Neolith Cement is that it is scratch resilient due to the sturdiness of its foundation.


The work surface is non-porous and also water proof, this states that if a liquid is left for long periods on its surface, there will not be a stain like there would be on natural stones like granite or marble.


You can clean Neolith Cement with everything chemical cleaning agent. This stone is 100% stain proof and really appropriate for contact with all food groups.


The whole Neolith Fusion collection is fully resistant to bending and can take high pressure and weight loads.


The formation of the stone has no resin and is made up of about 50% recycled materials.

We are able to manufacture Neolith Cement in any sizes fit for kitchen worktops, the longest run in one piece would be 3.2 metres with a width of 1.5 metres

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Available Thicknesses:  
Available Finishes:  



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