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Neolith Worktops

The Neolith worktop range offers one of the worlds most aesthetically pleasing and yet durable collections for a kitchen worktop. Neolith is part of a revolutionary new option for a man-made stone called Ultra Sintered Technology. It is a fusion of what is known as a Ceramic and Porcelain mixed with quartz, feldspar, glass and silica. It is super-heated and ultra-compressed to produce an extremely durable stone. Neolith is the leading manufacturer of this new technology and has the leading edge in the market, not only due to the amazing colour range, but also because it is the most durable and hard wearing product available.
What is it Neolith?
The benefits of using this new technology as an option for your Neolith worktops are plentiful. Neolith porcelain and ceramic countertops are highly scratch resistant and impact resistant. They are resistant to very high temperatures; you can even place a pan directly from the hob straight onto your work surface, unlike quartz or granite where you need to use a trivet. It is non-porous so will not stain and also bacteria are unable to thrive.

The Neolith worktop range is available in a silk, satin, riverwashed and polished finish and available in a 6mm thickness as well as 12mm. Not only is it well suited for a worktop, it is also a great option for cladding.

The colour options are numerous ranging from a sleek modern white to a more rustic and modern metal.

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