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Silestone Worktops

Silestone is widely becoming the most readily used surface for kitchen surfaces and countertops. Silestone kitchen worktops are superbly easy to fit with any style and décor, due to the extensive assortment of colours options available.

Silestone countertops are the only material of its kind, the lone product has an anti-bacterial composition giving it added surface hygiene.

Silestone is now a product that is used in many structures all over the world. The exceptional mixture of materials used in Silestone worktops and its advanced technology allow it to stand out among similar products.
What is Silestone?
Silestone is a manufactured material composed predominantly form quartz natural crystals. Silestone is an ideal material to use for countertops but can also be used for sinks, shower trays and floors alike.

Silestone’s most impressive characteristics are its durability and non-porous structure. As a result, Silestone countertops are more resistant to scratches, stains and viruses that other countertops may not be as protective.

As Silestone worktops are easy to maintain, home owners who opt to use the surface are able to achieve a high-end look with low maintenance issues.
Silestone Worktops Colours and Finishes
Silestone worktops are presently available in 71 elegant colours, which range from creams and whites to browns, reds, and blacks to the pastel hues of oranges, yellows, greens, and blues.

With the feel and weight of natural stone, Silestone worktops are available in pure colours with fine grain materials, to bold and large patterns with bits of pebble in different sizes. Finishes include leather effects and polished surfaces, examples of which are: Jatoba, Alpina White, Zirconium and Kona Beige.
Silestone for Kitchens
Silestone is the ideal surface to use for your kitchen worktops as it is perfect for the hub of your home. Silestone kitchen countertops possess the necessary qualities to deal with everyday cooking, and still looks just as good as popular materials like marble.

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