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Quartz Worktops

Quartz worktops used to be highly reserved for high-end homes, not least because of their highly luxurious aesthetic appeal, but also because – at one time – it would’ve been a big investment to purchase true quartz countertops. Yet, for the last few years, we have seen them appear in more kitchens and bathrooms as they have grown in popularity.

As different quartz countertop brands proliferate, this engineered stone has become more easily accessible with more affordable pricing. In fact, it is often confused with solid surface and natural stone worktop materials, like granite and marble because of its high-end feel.


Despite the brand name, all quartz worktops resulted from the patented technology invented over half a century ago by the founder of Breton S.p.A., Marcello Toncelli. Although the Bretonstone tech and machines are licensed to 52 companies worldwide, each licensee adds its own flair and nuances. It is important to remember however that they are all still working off the original patent.

Although quartz surfaces now come from different brand names, they have similar outstanding qualities, which are as follows:

  1. Toughness – During processing, impurities and softer minerals are eliminated, leaving only the hardest mineral, quartz. This means quartz surfaces are more durable and harder compared with natural granite.
  2. Composition – Quartz surfaces are composed of 93% mineral content, giving this engineered stone its distinctive look and feel.
  3. Heat resistance – Despite misconceptions, it is actually the quartz’s minerals that are 100% impervious to heat, not the binders, as many believe. In fact, they can withstand up to about 360°F. However, this is only true for short amounts of time – so users should be mindful of this, particularly when using quartz worktops in the UK kitchens.
  4. Low water absorption rate – Quartz’s absorption rate is on par with that of porcelain tile, which is about 0.5%. A material is considered non-absorbent if it weighs less than half of 1% more following water being absorbed into the surface.
  5. Visible seams – Two or more slabs need to be seamed together unless you have a small worktop. The seam could be minimised depending on your installer’s skills.


  1. Sizes of the slabs – To reduce the chances of seaming together slabs, opt for larger quartz slabs. It is also more cost-efficient to do this.
  2. Prices – Yes, prices will not be uniform. This will likely depend on consumer and dealer negotiations, which are of course variable.
  3. Quartz slabs are wholesale-only – They are also confined to the supply chain between the approved dealer/installers and the manufacturer.
  4. Designs and edges – The main difference between these quartz brands is the range of designs. “Design” refers to the slab’s overall visual appearance—size, colour, streaks, shape of minerals and striations.
  5. Edges–edge profiles are not formed by the fabricator but are rather built into the slabs during manufacturing.
  6. Warranty – Although all quartz surfaces come with a warranty, they only differ in the warranty’s limitations, length and transferability.


Both Silestone and Cimstone are highly popular quartz materials used in the kitchen thanks to the non-porous and sturdy qualities they have to offer – but picking one apart from the other can be tricky. Both worktops are very similar, however, if you’re looking for a vast range of designs to pick from, Silestone offer the biggest collection of colours.


When it comes to finding the perfect high-quality material for your home, you want to be sure you’re getting something that not only looks great, but that also performs well and offers you longevity for your investment. The good news is that both Technistone and Silestone offer these qualities by the bucket load, but the downside is that it can make it hard to choose one above the other.

Although both man-made, and coming in a wide range of colours and finishes, there are some key benefits that may help you pick between the two, including:


  • Incredibly strong and almost impossible to break, scratch or damage
  • Easy to maintain – the stain-resistant qualities make this a super easy to clean option for the busy household
  • Highly durable and long-lasting – a true investment that could be with you for many years to come


  • Potential to work in every part of your home, with over 71 colours and patterns available
  • Incredibly easy to fit, boasting limited joints that mean effortless and speedy installation
  • Low porosity means that you can cook and enjoy your kitchen without worrying about causing any lasting damage to your new worktops


Both CRL Quartz and Silestone offer the longevity and hard-wearing qualities of quartz, so how do choose the best one for you? Whilst CRL Quartz is more limited in its design options, with only 32 colours available, the highly polished finish makes it a desirable option for those looking to make a statement in their kitchen. On the other hand, Silestone offers over 90 colours and designs, making it a versatile choice if you’re looking for a particular shade or want to use the material throughout your home.

Whilst both CRL Quartz and Silestone offer the strength and durability synonymous with quartz, for us the main differentiation comes down to personal design preferences and the kind of look you’re trying to achieve.



Silestone is Cosentino’s flagship quartz surface, an Italian company based in Almeria, Spain. Architects and designers lean toward Silestone because of its vibrant solid colours, which is the brand’s main distinguishing factor. This brand offers bold bright red, greens, blues and oranges not found in any other quartz brands.

Silestone is not limited to backsplash materials and worktops, but also extended its designs for shower pans, vanities and sinks. Silestone offers a robust 25-year warranty with no pro-rata limitations and is transferable to ensuing owners.


Dubbed “the original quartz surface manufacturer,” this quartz surface was formed in 1987 by the kibbutz as a way of replacing their failing terrazzo tile industry. Caesarstone is a publicly traded company with headquarters in Israel and a factory at the Sdot Yam, a kibbutz in the Haifa District of Israel. Caesarstone also has another factory located in Bar-Lev Industries Park.

Known for pushing the boundaries of design, Caesarstone creates designs that are simple and sharp yet outstanding, veering away from replicating the appearance of faux stone. For example, its Pure White is a clean and modern look. The Concetto Collection boasts 10 unique surfaces incorporated with semiprecious stones including tiger’s eye, dumortierite, agate and also petrified wood, whereas the Motivo Collection deeply embosses lace textures and crocodile skin.


Being the only American company in the quartz surfaces industry, Cambria is still considered a relative newcomer, having only joined in 2000. This privately held Minnesota-based company began as a dairy business in 1936. Cambria started with a 150,000 square-foot factory in Le Sueur, Minnesota, but within just five years, the plant’s size tripled.Cambrian offers the widest variety of colours, designs, edges and of course slab sizes. There are a number of reasons why interior designers, architects and homeowners are drawn to Cambria’s charming qualities. One such reason is the incredibly natural-looking patterns that they offer. They also have the best polish and smoothest finish. A great majority of Cambria’s selections fall in one price group.

They are among the companies that offer massive-sized slabs, which are economical for large projects. However, Cambria slabs could only be purchased at bath and kitchen dealers or through architects, builders and designers. You definitely can’t find them in big box home improvement stores.

Most popular quartz worktop colours

As one of the most popular worktop materials we offer here, we are often asked about what the most favoured colours are. Whether for the kitchen, bathroom or elsewhere – here are our current top five bestselling quartz worktop colours:


The perfect option to create a sleek, minimalist space – the Artscut Bianco Stelline worktop is modern, neutral and fits perfectly with both modern and traditional kitchens and bathrooms. Featuring subtle reflective properties that catch the light just perfectly, this is the perfect option to open a room up and create the illusion of a bigger space.


Marble effect has been popular for as long as we can remember, and the Dekton Aura worktops combine classic marbling with modern design to create a unique solution to your interior needs. A near-perfect imitation of marble, the Dekton Aura is both sophisticated and ultra-compact for everyday use.


The perfect option for a more traditional style kitchen, Sensa granite in Ice Blue continues to be one of our most popular worktop colours thanks to its simple yet classic aesthetic. Offering all the benefits of Sensa granite’s durability, the combination of cream, white and black fit perfectly with almost all traditional kitchen designs making it highly sought after


Beautifully sleek and modern, Silestone’s Calacatta Gold benefits from incredibly resilient properties, all the while looking super smooth and velvety with a matte finish. Designed to look like natural concrete, this white vein worktop is simple yet effective for a minimalist kitchen.


To create a contemporary design that is simple, striking and bold – there’s no better option than Neolith Nero, which has remained one of our most popular quartz worktops for a long time now. Incredibly resilient, Neolith Nero is pitch black with a satin finish for a classy, elegant and timeless look.



Caesarstone Cambria Silestone
Designs (Colours) 53 133 142
Edges * 8 19 15
Textures Smooth, satin, matte Heavy, mixed, fine Suede (small pores), smooth, volcano (large pores)
Thicknesses 3/4″ (2 cm), 1 1/4″ (3 cm) 1 cm, 2 cm, 3 cm 1.2 cm, 2 cm, 3 cm (1/2, ¾ and 1 ¼ inches)
Dimensions Slabs, 56.5″ x 120″ Standard size, 55.5″ x 122″ Jumbo, 65.5″ x 132″ Standard size, 55″ x 120″ Jumbo, 63″ x 128″
Warranty For original owner, lifetime limited warranty. Transferable to subsequent owners but only on a 10-year, pro-rata basis and only if the original owner has transferred warranty on behalf of the new owner. Lifetime limited warranty only to the original owners of the product. The warranty is not transferable. A 25-year limited warranty that is transferable but only if the original owner transfers the warranty to the next owner.

*Number of edges currently listed on the company’s website. Quartz brands are not limited to the edges listed. Note that warranties tend not to cover edgework.


Manufacturing quartz surfaces is not a cottage industry like concrete, wood, laminate or even solid surfaces. This requires not only expensive machinery but also large manufacturing facilities. Despite that, a number of midsized companies have surfaced over the last 10 years. In fact, some architects and designers prefer using these companies because of their more reasonable price range.


Formerly a division of LG, a South Korean company producing anything from solar energy equipment to chemicals and electronics, LG Hausys is widely known for its HI-MACS acrylic solid surface. Viatera® offers unparalleled beauty with extraordinary benefits far exceeding those of any other natural stone. It comprises a vast collection of 64 designs spread amongst tans, greys and beiges.


World-renowned for over 70 years, Daltile has been the industry leader in porcelain, natural stone and ceramic tile. They’re known worldwide for their quality products, customer service and a wide variety of colours and finishes. The company’s ONE Quartz line offers a modest 38 designs. They also offer cost savings, which a few larger brands do not.


Zodiaq is DuPont’s answer to the all-time popular quartz surfaces. DuPont is the same company that invented Corian, the solid surface brand. Their engineered kitchen worktops are made out of 93% quartz crystals, with the rest being 7% acrylic resin, binders and colours. Zodiaq is manufactured in Granirex, DuPont’s plant in Thetford Mines, Canada. This brand offers 54 colours in 2 cm and 3 cm thicknesses, in 63″ x 120″ slabs.


This Seattle-based distributor tends to be a lot more affordable compared with other quartz brands. In fact, over the years since they have started offering quartz surfaces, their colours and patterns have become more on-trend than other well-known lines.


Quartz worktops offer not only timeless beauty and luxury but also unparalleled strength and durability. This engineered stone is your everyday surface, combining quartz’ superior durability and strength with modern-day manufacturing innovations.

If you are would like to find out more about quartz worktops, or would like to shop our collection – why not get in touch with us on 0800 652 2013.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Unlike natural stone, quartz contains man-made additives, stabilising the material and eliminating the unpredictability that can come with the former. Quartz kitchen worktops combine around 90% ground quartz with around 10% resins, polymers and pigments, forming an incredibly hard surface.


A quartz worktop does not require the same level of maintenance demanded with stone counters and won’t need sealing or resealing. It is also highly scratch-resistant – making it the ideal choice for a range of applications. However, despite its durability, it is still more likely to scratch than its granite counterpart. If you are applying quartz worktops in a well-used part of the home, we would advise care and attention is paid to avoid any unnecessary damage taking place


Granite can be bought both on a budget and for a high-price project – but you certainly get what you pay for with this material. Until recent years, quartz was deemed a pricey investment by comparison.,. However, as the material has skyrocketed in popularity and availability, the price has come down considerably.

You can now purchase a granite or quartz worktop for pretty much the same price, and quartz certainly offers a greater variety of designs.


The price of a quartz worktop can vary based on a number of factors such as the of quartz used, and the amount needed. However, the great news is that quartz worktops have become more affordable as the years have gone on, making them a much more accessible material for modern homes.


When it comes to picking your dream kitchen worktop, there are so many things that you will want to consider. Material and pattern are likely to be the first things that you think about, however just as important is the thickness you decide to opt for.

Although available in a range of other thicknesses, 20mm and 30mm thicknesses are by far the most commonly applied to kitchen worktops. But does it really matter which you opt for? Although the difference in thickness may only be slight, there can be a range of factors that can have a direct impact on the thickness which will work best in your kitchen, such as:

  • Your existing kitchen appliances – Depending on the size of your kitchen appliances, you may find that a 20mm thick worktop is not the best fit, or that a 30mm thick worktop looks too bulky. For example, many people now opt for induction hobs thanks to their slimline and minimalist appearance, so a 30mm kitchen worktop may appear mismatched and overshadow the applications in your kitchen. If you’re planning to buy a new oven or hob, it’s always best to enquire with the supplier first which thickness of worktop would suit best.
  • Décor – Once you have decided on the style you want your kitchen to be, picking a suitable worktop width becomes much easier. For instance, a contemporary, sleek and elegant kitchen design will best suit a 20mm thick worktop which falls easily into this chic category. For a more statement kitchen, a 30mm worktop that has a chunkier appearance may work best.
  • Function – Unsurprisingly, stone worktops are a highly popular choice for a range of applications and are not just reserved for counters. In fact, depending on what function you want your material serve can determine the thickness you decide to go for in the end. Whilst a 30mm thick worktop works perfectly to create a focal point in any kitchen, such as an island, a 20mm thick worktop can be used as an attractive, subtle splashback, upstand or window sill. Consider where you want your worktops to be used before making a decision about the thickness.

How easy is it to look after quartz worktops?

A great looking surface that’s low maintenance is part of the charm of a quartz worktop.

Requiring none of the endless buffing and resealing associated with keeping granite looking its best, quartz is an ideal option if you’re searching for an attractive, hard-wearing – but hassle-free – surface.

Highly resistant to scratches and stains, quartz worktops are more than a match for daily kitchen wear and tear. Non-porous, they are naturally resistant to stains and bacteria – helping to keep your kitchen clean and tidy! It also means there’s no need to worry about scheduling annual reseals either.

To keep quartz worksurfaces looking their best, all you really need to do is wipe them over with warm soapy water (Fairy Liquid is great for this or any detergent with a neutral pH). For an optimum glossy finish simply dry with a microfibre cloth, and that’s it!

For more hints and tips on looking after quartz check out our page dedicated to quartz worktop advice or talk to the team.

What are the most popular brands for quartz worktops?

Not only are there endless choices of worktop materials, but once you have decided on quartz, there are also multiple brand names to navigate. So which is best?

In truth, one brand of quartz is much the same as any other but Silestone quartz worktops, Caesarstone quartz worktops and Artscut quartz worktops are some of the most trusted names – and we’re delighted to offer their surfaces here at The Marble Store.

View the collections now and for a competitive quote, get in touch.

What are the main advantages of quartz worktops?

Do you mean aside from it looking great!?

There are a host of reasons quartz worktops are one the most popular options on the market. These include the fact that they:

– are highly stain resistant

– offer vast colour choice

– are hard-wearing and durable

– are non-porous – so there’s no need for resealing

– provide an excellent barrier to bacteria

– are suitable for a variety of budgets

Shop quartz worktops now or get in touch to find out more.

Which is better for kitchen worktops - granite or quartz?

Granite Vs quartz worktops is an ongoing debate. Both are highly regarded solid surfaces and offer an excellent worktop solution.

Traditionally granite held centre stage, seen as the ‘the’ kitchen worktop. These days though, quartz more than holds its own.

Deciding which is the best option for your kitchen will largely come down to your individual needs and preferences. Both are hard-wearing, durable and stain-resistant but if you’re looking for a weird and wonderful colour, few worksurfaces can rival the extensive rainbow of options available in quartz.

Similarly, if you want a work surface that requires minimal ongoing maintenance, quartz is the optimum choice as, being inherently non-porous, there’s no need for the annual resealing necessary with granite.

To discuss the pro and cons of quartz in more detail to help decide if it’s the right choice for you, why not chat with a member of the team?

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