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Cimstone Worktops

Stain, moisture, scratch, and heat resistant; the Cimstone countertops are ideal for kitchens and bathrooms. Cimstone worktops have a wide-ranging collection of elegant and stylish finishes that will compliment any kitchen design, from minimalist and traditional to contemporary and even ultra-modern settings.

What is Cimstone?

Cimstone countertops are produced using advanced Italian technology by merging 93% genuine quartz granules, which are extracted from major locations around the globe, with around 7% polyester resin binder and pigments.

One of its most desirable aspects is how customisable it is. Using a combination of materials, we can create a range of colours and textures to complement a variety of styles and applications. Some of the most popular additions include pebbles, quartz, glass and other fragments in different shapes, colours, and sizes to the base of Cimstone.

The mixture of resin and quartz granules results in Cimstone worktops being tougher than any other granite (only some of the precious stones are stronger).

Are Cimstone worktops easy to clean?

Cimstone worktops are the perfect material to incorporate into the kitchen, particularly thanks to their incredible durability and low-maintenance nature. One of the main reasons it is so popular within homes is down to its non-porous surface – making it waterproof and therefore incredibly easy to keep clean and looking as good as new as it is very difficult for stains to penetrate the surface.

If you keep on top of the daily cleaning of your worktop, the chances are you will rarely ever require an intense industrial cleaner. In fact, most Cimstone worktop owners simply rely on a gentle surface cleaner to keep things clean, hygienic and looking great.

What are the benefits of Cimstone worktops?

When it comes to a worktop that will offer both beauty and practicality, there are few out there as effective as Cimstone. As well as being incredibly easy to maintain thanks to its aversion to dirt, liquid and stains – Cimstone also has a number of other benefits, including:

  • Incredibly strong making it almost impossible to break or chip
  • Highly resistant to heat, you’re not restricted in the kitchen and can even put a hot pan on the worktop without causing damage
  • Although it is unlikely you will need to use harsh chemicals, you can apply a number of chemicals without causing any damage, including vinegar, lemon juice and other harsh cleaning products
  • Scratch resistance means you can chop and prep food directly on the worktop – although we don’t recommend this as your knives will become blunt over time!

If you would prefer to contact us directly about Cimstone worktops then please either call us on 0208 216 2051 or use our contact form and someone will get back to you to advise you shortly.

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