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Classic Quartz Worktops

Classic Quartz Vanilla Sky

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What is Classic Quartz Vanilla Sky?

Vanilla Sky Stone is from the Classic Quartz Marbre Range and is produced with 93% Natural Quartz and 7% Polymer resin. As marble is not recommended for kitchen worktops we have designed and manufactured Quartz to appear like marble but is suitable for kitchen worktops. Vanilla Sky is a beautiful worktop featuring cream tones in a cloudy design for an eye-catching look.

Advantages of Classic Quartz Products:

  • Toughness – During processing, impurities and softer minerals are eliminated, leaving only the hardest mineral, quartz. This means quartz surfaces are more durable and harder compared with natural granite.
  • Composition – Quartz surfaces comprise 93% mineral content, giving this engineered stone its distinctive look and feel.
  • Heat resistance – Despite misconceptions, the quartz’s minerals are actually 100% impervious to heat, not the binders, as many believe. In fact, they can withstand up to about 360°F. However, this is only true for short amounts of time – so users should be mindful of this, particularly when using quartz worktops in UK kitchens.
  • Low water absorption rate – Quartz’s absorption rate is on par with porcelain tile, which is about 0.5%. A material is considered non-absorbent if it weighs less than half of 1% more following water being absorbed into the surface.
  • Visible seams – Two or more slabs must be seamed together unless you have a small worktop. The seam could be minimised depending on your installer’s skills.

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Available Thicknesses:  
Available Finishes:  



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