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Quartzforms Worktops

Quartzforms Beige

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Leather, Polished



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This is the granite panel which can be used behind the hob, range and sink to protect the wall from splashes. You can also have full height splashbacks which are positioned on top of the granite work surface to the underside of the wall units.

Measure the length (mm) and width (mm) of each splashback piece that you require and input them into the boxes. Quote based on 20mm thickness granite.

Width (metres e.g. 3.0m)
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Slab Supplement
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Important Information: Whist we endeavour to provide the highest level of accuracy for your quotation from our website, it is not always possible to do so because of fluctuating material costs and other factors. Once submitted, we will check over each quotation and provide you with a more accurate quotation and breakdown. More often than not the quotation price will be reduced, so this is a good thing! We aim to get back to you within 24 hours

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What is Quartzforms Beige?

Beige is part of the QF range from Quartzforms. The QF Beige surface has a uniform background and a medium grain, all beige in varying degrees of colour. This slab features a small grain and warm shades. The main colour of the background is beige, with miniature darker grains creating variety and a vibrant effect. This, therefore, makes the surface perfect for modern and classic designs based on your personal design preference.

Advantages of Quartzforms Products:

  • Classical: Quartzforms reintroduce the charm of natural stone thanks to cutting-edge technology. Furthermore, its innate propensity for research, insight and creativity makes it one of the most exciting quartz materials available.
  • Versatile: Surfaces made of Quartzforms are the ideal complement to individual and collective environments and spaces where people carry out their activities. Additionally, it offers an equal balance between contemporary style and classical elegance.
  • Inspiration: Inspired by nature and made high-performance thanks to technological innovation, quartz is the ideal solution for surfaces and finishes in keeping with a contemporary living style. Thus ensuring ever-increasing performance and constant evolution.
  • Variety and Variation: Quartzforms offers a rich assortment of collections, customised by the variety of veins and textures inspired by natural stone, available in a broad and attractive colour range. Each Quartzforms surface offers a unique, unrepeatable and attractive aesthetic appearance, destined to remain unaltered over time
  • Resistance: Quartzforms is perfect for kitchens thanks to its resistance to stains, scratches, knocks, water, fire and acid damage. This, therefore, makes Quartzforms an incredibly safe choice for your home.

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Available Thicknesses:  
Available Finishes:  

Leather, Polished


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