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Silestone Altair (DISCONTINUED)

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Leather, Polished

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Altair Silestone is natural quartz surfaces treated and created to decorate today’s kitchens and bathrooms in a range of attractive quartz colours, extraordinary quartz textures, and top-quality performance. It is the only one with an anti-bacterial protection for worktops that guarantees maximum hygiene on its surfaces.
Silestone Altair forms part of the Nebula series that has been formed to give a kitchen a marble look. It is an alternative to Bardiglio Nuvalato but stronger and more practical for kitchen worktop purposes
Altair Silestone is a compound made up of 90% natural quartz, which makes it extraordinarily hard and resilient. This is the one and only worktop made of quartz with anti-bacterial protection, giving it hygienic properties that are not to
be found anywhere else on the market. It is an excellent surface for kitchen worktops, bathrooms, floors and wall cladding using the minimum number of joints.
In addition, it comes in a variety of different shades of quartz colour, offering a number of decorative possibilities from a mere kitchen top to a project for a complete set of furniture. Altair Silestone is an investment for the future. Altair Silestone is forever. Altair also comes in a Suede Finish.
Silestone presents its new 10-year warranty. A guarantee to give consumers more confidence. Once again Silestone
proceeds to innovate. The warranty of the leader.
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Available Thicknesses:  
Available Finishes:  

Leather, Polished


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