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Unistone Worktops

Unistone is a compound of around 93% quartz, giving the material extremely hard and resistant properties- ideal to be used as a kitchen worktop. The unistone material isn’t used exclusively for kitchens, it is also regularly implemented into bathrooms and for walls and floors.

Unistone worktops are obtainable in 20 diverse colour combinations appropriate for traditional and modern kitchen designs and interiors. The wide range of selection available opens up a lot of decorative possibilities for the quarts compounded material.
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Unistone Quartz Worktops For Your Kitchen
Unistone quartz is one of the most readily used materials for kitchen countertops for many reasons, none more important than its resilient qualities. The surface of the material is anti-bacterial, therefore your unistone worktop will not stimulate bacterial growth. Unistone worktops also have a non-porous quality, allowing them to resist stains produced by vinegar, wine, and stronger substances.

As the unistone quartz worktops are made of aggregate-grains and resin, it is of vital importance to ensure your unistone worktops are not exposed to solvents; and should be treated with as much care as a granite worktop.

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