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XTone Worktops

XTone Aged Clay

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What is XTone Aged Clay?:

XTone Aged Clay beige, cream and white ceramic worktop has multi tones that are layered together to create an illusion of  natural stone, similar to that of travertine.

Porcelanosa, one of the largest ceramic specialists in the world, are the company behind XTone. Their years of experience and expert knowledge of the stone industry have allowed them to create one of the most durable products to the worktop market.

Advantages of XTone:

Hygienic: Ideal for direct contact with food because it does not release volatile organic compounds (VOC). It also prevents the proliferation of fungi and bacteria due to the ultra-polished finish.

Environmentally friendly: 100% natural minerals are used in its composition. All of which can be recycled.

Maintenance Free: It is waterproof and no special products are required for cleaning.

Resistant to extremes of heat: XTone can be used in indoor and outdoor design applications because the composition is not changed by freezing or hot temperatures. Hot pans can be placed directly on the worktop’s surface without the risk of thermal shock.

Scratch and Impact resistant: The ultra-compact surface has a high scratch and impact resistance due to the nature of the sintering process

Chemical, Stain and UV Resistant: Unalterable to UV light, household chemicals and high resistance to any type of stains.

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Available Finishes:  
Available Thicknesses:  

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